The figure of Santippe has become in the collective imagination the shrewish woman par excellence.
Socrates Xanthippe bride in old age, year 421 a.c. The two put on world three children: Lampsco, Sophroniscus and Menexenus.
In a period in which the woman was completely submissive to 'uomo, the figure of Santippe stands out greatly for his quick temper and disrespect towards her husband.
it is said that Socrates he managed to talk some sense into all, except his wife. Other voices of people say Socrates has taken the search philosophical, because he had beside a woman unbearable.

It is said that one day Socrates He was talking with one of his followers in the courtyard of home. Santippe, I have just arrived, He began to inveigh against him. Then, the woman went to the window and threw a pitcher of water on her head. so Socrates with sua imperturbabilità: "What do you wonder: after Xanthippe had so thundered, it was inevitable that it would rain. "

Socrate e Santippe
Blommendael Reyer van (1628-1675) – Socrates and Xanthippe

Against this tradition, dating back to the testimony of Xenophon and especially Diogenes Laertius, It is the representation of that benevolent Santippe by Plato in the Phaedo. Probably other commentators have unjustly amplified the negative traits of Santippe.

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