The wonder is a feeling absolutely typical philosopher. The philosophy has no other source that this. Aphorisms of Plato .
The philosophy and the life that you take care of yourself.
R. Safransky .
The philosophy non serve a anything, say; but know that just because free
the bond of servitude is the know noblest.
Aristotle on philosophy .
It means thinking beyond.
IS. Bloch on philosophy.
Who thinks it is necessary to philosophize must philosophize and those who think we should not philosophize must philosophize to prove that you should not philosophize; So you have to philosophize at all case or go to here, saying goodbye to life, because all the other things seem be just talk and empty talk. Aristotle .
The philosophy not a temple, but a construction site. (Georges Canguilhem) .
There are more things in heaven and on earth that does not dreams your philosophy.( Shakespeare , Hamlet ) .
Dedicated to knowledge, if you really want be clear, free of fear,
happy and above all free. There are other ways. Folly is
What petty, despicable, ignoble, It makes us slaves of the passions. But
wisdom, which it is the only true freedom, has the power to ward off
da te questi tiranni così powerful. There is only one way that leads to wisdom,
and it is straight, You can not go wrong; advancing with sure-footed.

If you want everything to be submissive to you, you must first submit yourself
to reason; there will be many men who will drive, if you leave the
reason to guide you.
Seneca on philosophy .

The size of’uomo It is measured on the basis of what they look for and the insistence
with which he remains to search.
Heidegger on philosophy .
Maybe now the main goal is not to find out what we are, but rather
to refuse what we are. We have to imagine and build what we might
M. Foucault philosophy .
There will be a good government only when Philosophy become kings or kings become
Plato on philosophy .
It's amazing the force philosophy in rejecting all attacks of fate.
No weapon sticking in his body. Philosophy is well defended and welds: some darts
It neutralizes them and, as if they were light blows, para them with the folds of the wide
news, other frustrates them and rejects them against those who had thrown. SENECA, Letters from LUCILIUS .
One day the machines will be able to solve all problems, but none
one of them can deliver us.
Albert Einstein philosophy .
They were not made to live like brutes , but to follow virtue and knowledge .
Dante Alighieri on philosophy .
Human reason is beset by Applications You can not reject, Why
They assigned to it by the nature of reason itself, and which, however, can not
even answer, because they exceed any capacity of reason
Side philosophy .
Intelligence is invisible to the’uomo that it does not possess.
Schopenhauer's philosophy .
Cogito ergo sum.
Descartes' philosophy .
Do not delay the young to philosophize, nor the old man tired.
No one is ever too young or too old for the health of 'soul.
Who says the age for philosophizing has not yet come or has already elapsed,
it is as if he said that has not yet come or has already passed the age for

Philosophizing should be the young person is old; this because, getting older,
can enjoy a youth of goods, for the grateful memory of the past;
because what could be together young and old to the lack of fear
from the future. We must therefore practice that can produce the happiness:
if we possess all this; if not we, we try to
everything to possess it. The things I have constantly recommended, trap
and exercised in them, considerandole i principi del ben live.
Epicurus philosophy .

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