The case and the need è il libro che ha suscitato nel world scientific e filosofico il più vasto dibattito dopo L’origine della specie di Charles Darwin. Jacques Monod, Nobel Prize for medicine in 1965, captures, biology, those issues that think will most influence on modern culture. The molecular theory of the code is presented here as a general theory of living beings, intesi come “oggetti” singolari che si distinguono da tutti gli altri oggetti dell’universe in quanto dotati d’invarianza (ability to preserve from generation to generation their standard structural) and teleonomy (ability to transmit to posterity, adjusting its performance, its content of invariance). Yet living things evolve. The initial event, the mutation is to Monod a chance event,a case;once registered in living beings, it is replicated, faithfully translated into billions of copies and enters the field of selection, the need.

The case and the need - Short extracts

The theory of the gene as a determinant hereditary invariant through generations, and even through hybridizations,It is in fact absolutely incompatible with the principles of dialectical. it deals with, indeed, by definition, an idealistic theory as it rests on a postulate of invariance.

... One of the fundamental properties, characteristics of all living,without exception: the one of be oggetti dotati di un progetto, rappresentato nelle loro strutture e al time stesso realizzato mediante le loro prestazioni, such as the creation of "artifacts".

…la struttura di un be vivente è il risultato di un processo del tutto diverso, nella misura i cui non deve praticamente anything all’azione delle forze esterne, as must all, the general shape to the smallest detail.

…il contenuto di invarianza di una specie è uguale alla quantità di information that,transmitted from generation to generation, It ensures the preservation of the standard specific structural.
Il progetto dà ragione dell’be e l’be ha senso solo in virtue del suo progetto.

Jacques Lucien Monod – Il case and the need

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