1. Aphorisms and phrases of Leonardo da Vinci part 1
  2. Aphorisms and phrases of Leonardo da Vinci part 2
  3. Aphorisms and phrases of Leonardo da Vinci on science and Acquaintances

Aphorisms and phrases of Leonardo da Vinci part 1

Even as a day fine spending gives happy sleep, so a life fine used gives
die happy.
Phrases Leonardo da Vinci .
O time, consumer of the things, is, or envious antiquities, you destroy all things, and all things consumed by the hard teeth of old age, to slowly, with slow death. Elena, when he mirrored, seeing the withered wrinkles on his face made for old age, piagne, and he thinks with him because she was kidnapped du 'times. The age flying talks secretly and deceives others, and nothing is faster than the years, e chi semina virtue fame picks.
Aphorisms Leonardo da Vinci.
Sad is that disciple who does not advance its maestro. .
Rare falls well who walks.
Phrases Leonardo da Vinci.
When I learn to believe live, and I will learn to die.
Aphorisms Leonardo da Vinci.
The need It is the theme of nature and inventor, and brake and eternal rule. .
Medicine is ripareggiamento de 'disequalati elements; Disease is discordance of cast elements
in the vital body. .
On everything the party considers itself the nature of the whole.
Phrases Leonardo da Vinci.
Expenses time and has time expected, perde l’friend and money has never.
Aphorisms Leonardo da Vinci.
the sum happiness sum will be the cause of unhappiness, and the perfection of wisdom the cause of foolishness.
Phrases Leonardo da Vinci.
Each part has inclinazion of ricongiugnersi his all to flee from his imperfection. .
L’soul He wants to be with her body, Why, without them organic instruments of this body, anything oprare can neither hear.
Aphorisms Leonardo da Vinci.
Muovesi lover for cos'amata as the way to sensitive, and it is united with him and becomes a thing same. The work is the first thing that comes from the union. If the beloved is vile, the vile amantesi ago. When it is united to its convenient unitore, It followed delectation and pleasure esadisfazione. When the lover has come to 'amato, there rests. When the weight is put down, there rests.
Phrases Leonardo da Vinci.

Aphorisms and phrases of Leonardo da Vinci part 2

Buy something in your youth Restored by the damage of your old age. what if
you mean old age to have his food wisdom, adoprati in tal modo in
youth, whereas to that old age does not lack nourishment.
Aphorisms Leonardo da Vinci.
Alli ambitious, who are not content with the benefit of life, nor the beauty of world, is given for their penance that same strazino it life, and which does not possegghino the utility and the beauty of world..
It likes the animosity is threatening life, so the fear is that the surety.
The homo- and animals are propio transit and duct food, burial
of animals, Hotel de ' dead, making him life others' death, sheathing corruption.
O sleeper. O what is it sleep? Sleep has similarity with the death. O
why not do the deed, then,, that after the death thou hast the perfect simile
vivo, that make living with sleep similar to sad dead?
Phrases Leonardo da Vinci.
A wrongly lamentan them men's escape time, blaming too much to
speed, not what s'accorgendo be of sufficient transit; but bona memory, of
that nature has endowed us, everything that makes us long past there seems to be
this. .
The order is noble deed, -doing is the servile act.
Phrases Leonardo da Vinci.
The truth al fine if not; not worth simulation. Simulazion frustrated forward
much to judge. .
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