The problem of the limits of reason and language è stato centrato pienamente da Side che ha individuato le antinomie. He highlighted the existence of concepts limit, that l 'uomo tenterà sempre di esaminare, even if they are outside of his or her cognitive.

The elusiveness of these truth not push the human race to the waiver to the investigation of these issues. Tali domande sono insolubili poiché le risposte cercate riguardano entità che sono al di là dell’experience is, then, They are the subject of metaphysics (beyond the physical). while the know scientific è corroborato e validato dall’experience, quello metafisico non può be confermato da dati sensibili. The reason is certainly able to formulate theories, however it is not in a position either to confirm or to disprove. This is not enough to stop the intelligent biped: an innate need of mind, spinge l’uomo a dar life ad una concezione metafisica della realtà. Tali ideazioni si rivelano spesso fallaci ed utopiche perché non hanno alcun riscontro con lexperience. because of this, creating an irreparable rift between thought and reality. The transcendental ideas which are an attempt to investigate further the physical are:

1. l’soul, which coincides with the totality of the internal phenomena,everything in ourselves gives us the feeling, l’appearance di unità e continuità;
2. the world (o cosmo): the totality of external phenomena;
3. It Gave: the totality of all totality and foundation of everything.

The problem is that these concepts are limit, I am so yes thinkable, but they will never knowable. The knowledge oggettiva è possibile solo nel world dei fenomeni, but not
in world of things in themselves. Ciò che Side ha definito noumeno rappresenta la cosa in sé, the reality behind the phenomenal appearance. One must emphasize that the concepts soul, world, It Gave, They are concepts limit, that it is legitimate to think of them and groped to know, ciò nondimeno non saranno mai conoscibili né attraverso la ragione né con l’experience: in an attempt to investigate these concepts, the reason falls into contradictions. The Kantian antinomies are pairs of claims to the contrary, that can not be dimostrate. This implies that it is not possible to determine which of them is true and which is false. The two opposing statements are called thesis and antithesis. Le antinomie principali che Side prende in considerazione sono:

Thesis: the world ha un inizio nel time ed è limitato nello spazio.
Antithesis: The world is infinity sia nel time that in the space.

Thesis: each thing is composed of simple parts.
Antithesis: does not exist anything di semplice, everything is complicated.

Thesis: La causalità secondo le leggi della natura non è la sola da cui possono be derivati tutti i fenomeni del world. You must admit causality that makes possible the existence of freedom.
Antithesis: In the world there is no freedom, but everything happens solely according to the laws of nature.

Thesis: esiste un be necessario che è causa del mondo.
Antithesis: non esiste alcun be necessario, neither in the world nor out of the world that it is because of it.

The ultimate solution of the Kantian antinomies is not just an intellectual challenge, rappresenterebbe lo scioglimento dei problemi più importanti dell’uomo. What is death? What's Next? There is freedom? The the world runs out in matter? Starting from the solution of the contradictions we respond to difficult questions, but also the most important.

However, the dilemma we can not dissolve. Physics rather than evade any doubt, feeds: ʱ??anything creating and anything si distrugge”; and so: how can it be that there is?

Relativity and quantum mechanics have opened scenarios to the limit of science fiction. The most surprising is that the two most important physical theories that humanity has ever produced have not yet been reconciled. It will only be a matter of time?
Leave to posterity will judge. Although risolvessimo current problems, not arise other even more difficult? Who does not think so, non ha ben chiaro l’aumento di complessità che il know ha avuto nel nostro secolo. Più si sa e più si è costretti a know. The more you know, and more nature confronts us with questions increasingly difficult.

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