"I was always fond of this secluded hill,
and this hedge, from seeing most
last horizon prevents.
But sitting and looking, Boundless
spaces beyond that, and superhuman
silences, and deepest quiet
I thought I pretend, where nearly
the heart is overwhelmed. And like the wind
I hear rustling through the trees, what I
infinity silence to this entry
In comparando: e mi sovvien l’eterno,
and death seasons, and the this
e viva, and the sound of,it lei. So in this
immensity my thought is drowned:
and sweet to shipwreck in this sea. "

L’infinity Giacomo Leopardi

It was always loved nature with its physicality
Perhaps with that spontaneously,
which prevented me to look into the abyss infinity
the human soul and the life directly and fatal.
But when you can gaze over the immediacy
of world, I get lost in the depths of the abyss anything and death
they bring with them silence and eternal peace.
But as I hear the call of the elements of nature to me dear,
that anything everlasting, the dynamism of life ford comparing:
and it comes to me mind the this, the cycle of existence, eternity and
the roar of the vital nature.
So, only I thought I can lose myself in infinity,
it's mine spirit It falls like a drop in the immensity of 'Be.

interpretation of’Infinity Giacomo Leopardi

the original manuscript of image’infinity Giacomo Leopardi

L'infinito di Giacomo Leopardi
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