Io sto con Siddharta: our wise friend d’Oriente, who once said,: "The words non fanno fine al senso segreto: everything immediately becomes a little 'different, a bit 'distorted, a bit 'wacky indeed, eppur questo è fine, even with this I agree, ciò che per un uomo è tesoro e wisdom, for the other always it has a tone folly »
Hermann Hesse “Il pilgrimage in the East "

The word it is infected. what to do? The impossibility for the Buddhism to determine the plot ontic (dell’be) It leads to the complete suspension of judgment in philosophy speculative: about philosophy dev’be no action word.
All doctrine is focused on achieving a state of equanimity. But not enough. What you want is the cancellation of wishes and then the will becomes Unwill, not wanting is Nirvana: liberation from all suffering.
Simply: the anything come true.
When you reach the state of unwill, the anything It is turned over and becomes the 'universe with all its planets.
The path is hard, many would consider him insane.

I'm not here to make judgments whatsoever, but to illustrate. I just think that behind all this there is the realization that the only way, This strange animal that is the 'uomo, can not harm, It is zero. If we dig deeper into history and in life, It should not seem a speech completely plucked out.

Across the world, what Western, you get to consider opposing: about word is It Gave same.

In the beginning was the Word,
the Word was with It Gave
and the Word was It Gave.
He was in the beginning with It Gave:

The official translation of the Catholic Church word of It Gave it's the following:

In principio, there was one who is “about Word”.
He was with It Gave,
He was It Gave.
He was in the beginning with It Gave.

Instance opposite to the Buddhist: "The word" is crucial. And 'what has always existed, before the world was created. The logos is to collide with the very existence of God, is divine essence, therefore also It Gave It is expressed with words. as we know Jesus and the word of It Gave took to the ground.

Due words also my only to give food for thought: the language It is misleading or is it an instrument of truth?

We can match the beginning of human civilization with the emission of a sound articulated that express coded behaviors (as it occurs in animals)? in other words human civilization is the daughter of the fruit and language?

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