The language and the word They have inherent limitations. Even the logic, about science stricter hesitating, he can not be used to construct a language perfect. In fact, Gödel's incompleteness theorems 1931 have definitively struck down all tenttivi create a language logic without any imperfection.
(to deepen see: the limits of language)

The truth It is something that tends to elude even the laws of logic. The language It is even more misleading and introduces an additional degree of approximation to the translation of pure concepts. There are philosophies that believe in the correspondence between sound and essence of objects, between writing and Word of God. They claim that sounds create a bridge between the speaker and the vibration of 'object ( even if you never understand fine to "flip" what they mean) . in short words, in more scientific terms, the frequencies of the sounds to pronounce a word They are in harmonious relationship with the mysterious vibrations of bodies. So the word is instead interpreted and symbol (as he says in linguistics today), It is creation. This allows It Gave ed all’uomo to create by means of the word: thought, word, and reality are planes of existence inevitably tied together and by a plane, you can act on the other.

A similar concept is what he sees as the scriptures word of the divine putting his card. The error and confusion - in my opinion - are born when you confuse the two planes land and ideal-divine. If of course we read the scriptures symbolically, allegorical and understand that how does the script, It is also the interpretation, the meaning that we can attribute to the scriptures is to " words that inspire ʱ??. Indeed, while the Word of GodWord of God"Translated to a specific people living in a particular historical period. in this way, we would not be led to think that the Word of God It is immutable. actually, is not the Word of Goduomo same. It Gave comunica all’uomo just what the 'uomo può recepire in determinato periodo storico ed in una determinata area geografica.Com’è possibile che ognuno pensa di avere la truth ? actually, they have it all, but only from their own perspective. For this we should think of a religion Universal that also respects local developments.

The thundering logic, There are other cultures which have not attempted to develop an extensive theoretical apparatus such as that of logic western, probably because they were frightened by its inherent limitations , deciding not to focus their efforts in this area of search.

I Buddhists do not believe that the language will be the educated truth, indeed you have to do without " word "To search the truth.
The word It is misleading, can be pointless, harmful, appearance, untruth. Refrain from backbiting, insults, offenses, tittle-tattle, useless talk, futile: if not anything important to say, the Buddhist must remain in "noble silence". In some cases you get to the complete renunciation of language verbal.
We are Western. Our culture is very different. Is the logic It has its limits, still it remains the science stricter than exist. We must certainly give up " word "I do not think you can escape completely from the logic of language. Nevertheless, we should re-evaluate the silence:

we should learn to speak through mind and the body, to know how to listen, to listen to the silence, to remove the 'anxiety of the word, the fear of silence.

Speaking means dialoguing: a good dialogue will never be the sum of more monologues: dialogue is empathy, listening, comprehension, expression. The dialogue is real growth: no exaltation, persuasion, achievement, coercion. Only dialogue can join in Division.

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