Nabla: "I would like to get out of circular reasoning, in cui sono intrappolato da molto time.
The reasoning is this. Partiamo da un’ idea di Plato:

There will be a good government only when Philosophy become kings or kings become

Marco: "Interesting. First of all I ask you: philosopher = wise? "
Nabla: «Se prendiamo in considerazione il maestro of Plato, namely Socrates, we would be led to think that identity is valid. actually, we can not take for good this law and go back to the speech of the previous post, where we put avidenza as each sees his own “art” as supreme. Correggerei l’aforisma cambiando la word ʱ??philosopher” con “wise” ».

Marco: "Then I would say: ʱ??ci sarà un buon governo solo quando i essays become kings or kings become essaysʱ??. Simple. Non vedo anything di strano, sono curioso di know quale ragionamento contorto tirerai fuori».

Nabla: "The problem is this. The wise non partecipa alla life politics, not interested in the power, ma preferisce dedicarsi alla knowledge di se stesso e della natura umana. He understood that to govern is necessary lie, persuade. Must be carismatici, egocentrici. The aim is to buy up consents. do you remember, for example, le vicende politiche che guidavano la life della città di Atene nel V secolo a.c.?".
Marco: "Yup, Socrates, vive in un epoca in cui l’uomo politico più importante di Atene, Pericles, between 460 a.c. and 430 a.c., always he manages to convince the Athenians, with his clever rhetoric, to undertake an imperialist policy. The embrace this choice, It will bring the city and the Athenians to a period of incessant wars, che continuerà anche dopo la sua death. Peace is a rare exception ".
Nabla: «E lo stesso Socrates (in Gorgia di Plato), in response to Callicles he considered a great politician Pericles, because he had the gift of convincing the Athenians with oratory, He says:

Well, also a breeder of donkeys, horses and oxen, it was that which was Pericles, He has a reputation be a bad farmer, are, I am having caught not calcitravano, They gave no horns and no biting, She had made them so wild to do all these things. O non ti pare che sia un bad farmer, whoever he is and whatever animal he breed, one who, after having taken them more docile, will return them wilder than they were when you took them? Ti pare o no?

Quarterback, for its ambitions, has transformed citizens, by docile lambs into lions angry, always in search of battles to fight. Since, do you think that something has changed?"
Marco: "We all know what happened in the first half of this century. E anche oggi la sete di war non sembra sopita. The power of conviction and render fierce tempers does not seem to have slowed down. Senza arrivare alla war, politics, often, It proves not to be able to meet the needs of citizens, as it turns out much more able to satisfy the greed and ambitions of politicians themselves. it seems that, often, the best qualities that can have a politician are: the millanteria, greed, the attitude to falsehood ".
Nabla: "I know this anti-politics, but does not it seem unfair to a po'esagerato and a similar judgment, and too generalizing? ".
Marco: "Indeed, I said most, then do not argue that someone even put good will, to improve the health of citizens and his country, anche perché questo dovrebbe be il loro compito. The issue comes up when I try to take as an example model; then go into crisis and I take refuge in claims so extremist. A te viene in mind someone? ".
Nabla: "Well 'really. Someone who is not acting out of interest ... that accomplishes what it promises ... no, I can not just. But I'm not one of those who believes in fairy tales. Un governo centrale ci deve be: the policy is necessary, and I do not trust the prophets with the magic wand. We have said several times, the improvements are obtained by successive approximations. We say that a politician is almost always a mess, but an indispensable trouble:a kind of virus that allows the company to continue to exist, even with all its imperfections.

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