You know what was one of the greatest innovations of the '900?
L’informatics? L’electronics? La relatività di Einstein?

No, I mean the European Community.
Thanks to it,, we approached our brothers Europeans.
The mesh of the network of economic, commerciali e culturali hanno favorito la growth di un sentimento di fratellanza e di interesse reciproco. Today you can travel, work and study in other countries European Community with great ease. E questo favorisce l’meeting, the comparison between different cultures that share a past, a history, ethical development, political and cultural.
Today we are united for the common good.
Let us remember that it is not always. In the first half of this century, He was lucky who managed to cross the threshold of thirty years. One died. One died easily. Not for disease, or road accidents, but for the wars that devastated l’Europa.
Tutto questo avveniva in nome delle races, ethnic groups. Come se la specie umana fosse stata una specie animale che avrebbe dovuto be divisa a seconda dell’origine etnica.

Here, in the light of all this, there is still someone who advocates a return to ethnic, Europe of peoples, Italy and Europe divisions, clashes.
I think there is little to say. But we must acknowledge that these troglodytes want to propose models and dangerous, Luckily, overcome. We do not need characters that appeal to emotion dangerous, useless and harmful, but people can look in a rational development of the country.

Nell’Italia del caos e della corruption, do not let that ignorance face mistress.

“Return to ethnic groups?” – “No, thank you” last edit: Saturday,26 July 10:43, 2008 the nabladue

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