Marco: "Why, in your opinion, many feel the need to approach the spiritual philosophies?".
Nabla: «Chi intraprende una search spiritual, spesso lo fa perché una o più crisi hanno travolto e tormentato la sua life. Many masters sostengono che ciò è positivo: "The crisis was a blessing, ti ha spinto verso la searchʱ?? – "Before you were blind, why did you get into crisis, but now, ora la luce ha illuminato la tua life, can see ed be felice”».
Marco: "So it would be a kind of healing process that leads to serenity?".
Nabla: "Based on what, I would cast doubt on this type of vision. Nella mia recente experience ho notato che, in some circumstances, we tend to confuse diseases or mental disorders with blurred spiritual. I do not speak of serious illnesses, ma delle piccole “patologie della life quotidiana”. Of Course, to come to undertake a process of elevation of the level of consciousness, We must have solved the psychological problems. Therefore, where does the disease, begins spiritual growth. Oggi con le filosofie New Age, formed by a merger between psychotherapy and metaphysics, e con il modo occidentale di praticare lo yoga, They are confusing these two aspects. Spiritual growth is often interpreted as an achievement of inner well-being (and outer) and as a healing process ".
Marco: "Actually, ho notato che anche molti testi di psicoterapia dichiarano apertamente o contengono l’assunto implicito “l’uomo è malato”. It is paradoxical that psychologists have begun criticizing the original sin and, then, some of them, They have created another ".
Nabla: "let's say that, to think better, There is probably some truth. The ambiguous existential human condition, and the attempt to escape oblivion, gettano l’uomo in uno stato semi-patologico. For this we must take care of his own soul, che rischia di be afflitta dal peso della precaria condizione dell’esistenza. Psychotherapists, the philosopher, the maestro of yoga, are figures that help maintain the health of the soul. Just as we take care of our teeth and wash them every day, even our psyches care needs uninterrupted. Siamo alla continua search dell’balance, that hardly it will become stable and perennial. More likely, we tend to swing back and forth like a ball is thrown in a basin. in conclusion, the two areas are never completely divided, However, it puts too much emphasis on healing and, worse still, It identifies the therapeutic process with spiritual elevation real. Instead, I believe that there is something more. To better understand what I mean, it is as if we mistake the elementary school to the university. In short, la crisi può anche andare fine se spinge alla search, but not enough. The search should be fine a se stessa per alimentare una vera e propria “crescita spirituale”: search for the pure interest to do so, no purpose. Le cose che ci dovrebbero accompagnare in questo journey I'm: love disinteressato per la truth, the courage di abbattere le illusions, awareness, the ability to amaze, confidence and tenacity. When we put in the field these factors begin to travel the road that leads to transcendence ".
Marco: "What it is the transcendence? Do not tell me you believe in ghosts who make miracles?".
Nabla: "Miracles are often fantasies. There are those who call themselves spiritual, and that identify spirituality with paranormal. They confuse the "freaks" with spirituality. I am always looking for extraterrestrials, here on earth. Riconosci questa tipologia di persone dal fatto che non provano vergogna nello stravolgere e nel maltrattare le idee della science e la ragione stessa. Generally this kind of belief is the manifestation of a latent materialism. Indeed, the spirit si reggerebbe anche senza celebrazioni materiali. However,, some, even if they are animated by good intentions, They can not conceive fully spirituality.
In summary, the world è pieno di illusionisti e prede da illudere, but the miracle in itself can not completely exclude. Moreover, our very existence is a miracle ".
Marco: "it is true, and it is wonderful as it is disturbing. If I concentrate deeply, non riesco mai a trattenere il pensiero sul mistero della life".
Nabla: "But, the real miracle I scare, it's not something I'm willing to accept lightly. The same applies to the mystical visions. Some say that they are a form of schizophrenia. In qualche case sicuramente lo sono, but it can reduce the complexity of this phenomenon to a mental illness. in this sense, c’è una grande distinzione tra il Holy, that has mystical visions and the schizophrenic: the continuity of the personality. Schizophrenia is characterized by the persistence of altered states of thought, behavior and emotion, with serious enough to limit normal activities of the person. Instead, i masters illuminati e i Saints non solo svolgono le incombenze quotidiane, but so do better than others. Moreover, reach unimaginable levels of awareness for individuals who consider themselves rational and realistic. Chi ha la wisdom of Socrates? Chi la luminosità e la force of Buddha? Chi saprebbe scrivere le poesie di San Francisco? Francesco, with the Cantico delle creature, It is recognized as the initiator of the Italian literary tradition. They see beyond our prospects and not below, as do schizophrenics ".
Marco: «Allora non capisco fine la tua posizione. In a simple and clear, tell me what you mean by spirituality?".
Nabla: «Spiritualità è la ricerca della infinitesimale goccia divina che è in noi e nel world around us. Ma se dovessimo togliere anche la word “divino”, la definirei come wealth interior. At this point I think you have to stay away from an attitude limiting: be chiusi mentalmente, is, therefore, do not leave room for the mystery. Indeed, although I do not know what they mean some strange attitudes, and I do not understand certain enigmatic writings, I want to try to understand. Only in this way I have the opportunity to know, is, then, choose. If I do not make an effort, but liquid superficially ideas, che forse non possono be comprese immediatamente, I autoescluso the opportunity to gain valuable possessions ".
Marco: "Scusa if those disruption, ma vorrei know are, in your opinion, spirituality and religion coincide ".
Nabla: "not always, spirituality is not limited to religion. Consequently, anche se sembra un paradox, It can be spiritual without necessarily adhering to a creed. on the other hand, when it faith è autentica diventa una grandissima fonte di ispirazione e una guida preziosa. But adhere to a creed corrupt can a hindrance to the spiritual. and in any case, words and partisanship are not enough: is more than anything else the behavior and inner transformation that make the high minded '.

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