Because l 'uomo He will never stop to look up at the sky and wonder: What c 'is over this?

They tell me I've evolved now. The science He has made great strides; in some cases it borders on science fiction, in others, he has even exceeded. it is true, our century is that of science and his triumph. There is nothing new.
The history exalted and shot down anything. Just think of romance and enlightenment, skepticism(absence of truth) is Platonism (truth only).

A time, a mathematician said: "Give me the boundary conditions and will describe the worldʱ??.
Translated, means that when they have corrected data, an equation can explain how the 'universe in its entirety. This certainty, at the moment, It was abandoned.

It Gave It is always there. In history changed forms, wait, Peoples. But it is always there: everlasting, incognizable, impalpable. There is for the more advanced nations of world, as for the tribes; for the rich, as for the poor. No era has made it less.
I do not think that 'uomo You will never give up the need to It Gave . As the human species can evolve, there will always be a heaven to look unknowingly explain; which is that of the earth, Martian, or a distant galaxy. For science l’universe it is not infinity?
If there were a divine universal plan, a higher harmony, which it manifests itself in the possibility to explain the phenomena through mathematical equations, the nature, It would not be bothered to allow l 'uomo to say: “cogito ergo sum”; to give him a conscience, instrument used to get Applications about his own life and his own purposes. What is the end? Progress scientific? No, non illudiamoci, that is only half. What would?

The progress of science should, in my opinion, drag in the opposite direction, what some have discovered many centuries ago: "I know of no knowʱ??. The more we know, and the more we realize that we have to know again. Open new scenarios, new fields of investigation, increasingly large and complicated, in a seemingly endless chain.
The religion serve, even more It Gave. We must start again from them: Jesus, Buddha and other (Also unknown, sometimes). That is who, I do not know if it was It Gave , but certainly God has come.
If there sbarazzassimo differences, that human interpretation gave to their messages, we would realize that they were not so different, or at least, They tried the same thing in different ways.
the same Nietzsche (antichrist intellectual) unwillingly, dedicated life a religion: it was perfect to demolish it, not in building. It is probably easier to destroy than to build. What is your alternative? The nihilism (destruction), the "nonsense" and madness apparently. The history, It gave him the possibility of be matched with political movements against life itself (see Nazis), and I do not know, since the same Nietzsche He would be happy.
The "nonsense" not only annihilates life future, but, also that this, in a 'idiosyncrasy of happiness.
In the past also Nabla (and maybe, sometimes, today again) It lost time with Nietzsche, trying to eradicate this ideal, da sé, and by world. After much "thinking", He has realized that it is impossible.

Also in this case, the only way is dialogue, the end of the search.
Because the churches are empty? Why do not we have more confidence in those who should act as intermediary, between us and our search. We have no confidence in those who should help us, instead of giving canned answers, dogmas O, worse, manipulation and conflicts. It's time that " Churches" of world undress of those dresses land falling dressed and begin to look for the one they were born.
They tell me that there are people willing to kill and kill, for what they believe the highest ideals.
I Would Like know which, actually, this ideal. What to kill. For "the highest ideals"? No. For earthly interests.
I do not think Jesus Christ he said: go and kill; and remember that, among believers, there were also mother Teresa Calcutta and unknown missionaries who have dedicated their life, to the others.
Church authorities have to start to be Applications, to advance, to ignore the worldly affairs, or better, interested but in view of the search of God. Jesus It was not against the change: He was the one who brought the greatest change, even managing to reset the hands of history. Not afraid at the ideological revolutions, His, It created it.
The order is the search and the instrument theology. We share the Scriptures, looking ahead, God is our end, not the means to get to something. It is fair to ask, are, and how, created the world, but, It is more important to ask: What does he want from us?

"The science without the religion It is lame. The religion without the science It is blind "

A. Einstein

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