I have often admired the figure of Jesus Christ as well as the paint Gospels in the Bible. One can not doubt that the Gospels abbiano ispirato molti Saints. Probably also they helped some people to become more tolerant, more open towards others. Parlano di un Jesus good, charitable, that does not discriminate on ethnic or social. He speaks with the prostitute, as with the king: It considers all men equal to each other. Ritiene le ricchezze spirituali di grande value e scredita quelle materiali. It is the father of ' universal love. Jesus difende la justice, forgives, It is compassionate.
Nonetheless, But the Bible also presents controversial passages. In this thought I would explain why sometimes I doubt that the Bible both the book It Gave.

first of all, sebbene ci siano parti del Gospel che educano e spingono alla santità, There are some passages in the New Testament that create some embarrassment (not to mention others who are in the Old).

There were scholars who have spent decades studying and interpreting Scripture. Practically, throughout the Middle Ages, non c’era uomo di cultura che non dedicasse la life alla risoluzione degli enigmi interpretativi della Bibbia. The problems have been solved? We have come to a vision and a unified interpretation?

No, on the contrary, divisions increased. Given that I do not have even a drop of ability and intelligence of these people, moreover, hanno dedicato la life allo studio della Bible. I would be even more foolish if I tried to give a 'definitive interpretation. Rather, since I consider it impossible, I want to try to understand, a leave da questa convinzione, that we should make use of libro dei books.
Penso che sarebbe beautiful far nascere una discussione serena e franca anche con i credenti che, per onestà nei confronti della loro faith, They should at least consider my comments. Therefore, I express my opinions in brief and laconic for not getting lost in search of style or rhetorical orations:

1) It Gave non è in alcun libro. The book can be the bridge that takes us through the valley, but the other part of the road we have to follow it.

2) The It Gave delle Bibbia è un it gave troppo umano. gets angry, punishes, impermalisce, cambia idea, It is contradictory, He speaks a human language.

12the next morning, they were leaving Bethany, ebbe fame. 13And seeing in the distance a fig tree that had leaves, si avvicinò per see se mai vi trovasse qualche cosa; I came to it, he found nothing but leaves. For it was not the season for figs. 14he said: “May no one ever eat fruit”. And his disciples heard it.
20the next morning, passing, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots. 21Then Peter, remembrance, told him: “Maestro, look: the fig tree that you cursed has withered”. 22Jesus allora disse loro: “Abbiate faith in It Gave! 23In truth I say: whoever says to this mountain,: Rise up and cast into the sea, no doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, this will be granted. 24Therefore I tell you: tutto quello che domandate nella prayer, abbiate faith di averlo ottenuto e vi sarà accordato. 25When you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive, because your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your sins”. 26.

Marco .

This step is an example of how, in a few lines, There is a curse unjustified and a huge contradiction.
Why It Gave be angry if a fig, the nature of which is to bear fruit only in one season, non ha i frutti che It Gave desidera nello stesso momento in cui il fico non può averli?
so, it is best to weed out the fig tree can not bear fruit. Se questi frutti sono la faith e il fico è chi non crede, Let us realize the danger of this step. In line with this,our poet Dante Alighieri, I think is one of the greatest interpreters of Bible, non apre le porte del paradiso a chi nacque prima di Jesus: non importa che il frutto della faith non poteva be colto, the Scriptures They tell us that the infidel is still guilty. La loro colpa è quella di be semplicemente nati prima della birth of Christ, non conta quanto siano stati pii nella life, saranno sempre meno degni dell’love di Dio di quelli nati dopo Jesus. considering that It Gave It is omnipotent, and then, It could decide who give birth and when to do to be born, omnipotence imply a certain amount of sadism.

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