"once Zhuang Zhou (cioè Zhuang-zi nella sua qualifica di “maestroʱ??, “zhou”) dreamed he was a butterfly, svolazzante e soddisfatta della sua sorte e ignara di be Zhuang-zi. Bruscamente si risvegliò e si accorse con stupore si be Zhuang-zi. Non seppe più allora se era Zhou che sognava di be farfalla, o una farfalla che sognava di be Zhou.»

Zhuag-day (Taoism- China – IV century a.c.)

Plato immagina un world in cui gli uomini sono incatenati dall’infanzia. The world, a cave open to the light only on the back wall, the light comes from a "large fire" like the sun. Behind the opening of a cave wall, alto come un uomo. Men outside the cave bear statues that are projected on the back wall of the cave as shadows.
In the cave men chained they are facing the back wall without being able to look behind: can see sole ombre che sono le proiezioni delle statue (then projections of something that already has a projection reality), and believe, that the reality is that.

"Have you ever had a dream much was real? And if from a dream so you were unable to wake up? How would you distinguish the world of dreams from that of reality?" (Morpheus)

What is reality ? What we perceive?

This question è stata riproposta oggi, in un film: Matrix.

Trovo geniale e decisamente calzante la rappresentazione della realtà percepita con un world virtual. This world illusory, a cui l’uomo appartiene non solo per costrizione, but also to free choice, It is a projection of what real-. "I know that meat is not real, but I like it"- says one of the characters, parafrasando il motto “scegli di non knowʱ??. so it is, si ritiene che sia meglio attraversare il world in modo inconsapevole, by being fooled by Appearances ( from dreams ), from what is not real, and choose to lie to themselves to not suffer, ma anche per non live.
The choice is dictated by fear of suffering. Così si sceglie un world in cui non si soffre realmente, but where it is not really free, because freedom presupposes conscious. However freedom and conscious thought have a price to pay: must be difese continuamente. Not only do we have to defend from the other, but also, and - above all - by ourselves.
La libertà si conquista solo con la knowledge e la consapevolezza. The heart has to be pure: free from passions, gate, wishes, exaltation of the self, attachment. Conosco il male che è in me e per questo scelgo il fine. I extend my sympathy outside: I am you, Tu sei Me.

Away the pleasure of the senses. Through the desert. Eleva lo spirit. Exit the cave:

Open your eyes slowly. Inizia a see i contorni, the shadows cast light, objects increasingly clear, clear, real ... "at the end, I think, It will observe and contemplate what is really the sun, not its images in water or other surface, but the sun itself, in the region that is proper. – Per force, said. - after that, talking about the sun, potrebbe già concludere che è esso a produrre le stagioni e gli anni e a governare tutte le cose del world visibile, and to cause, somehow, for all that he and his companions saw " (Plato,Myth of the cave, Republic)

Those who live in a conscious not afraid of others, maybe are others who fear Him. Socrates lo sapeva ed ha pagato, as they paid after him:

"They went so the Pharisees with the Herodians to say: ʱ??Maestro, sappiamo che sei veritiero e insegni la via di It Gave according to truth, and you have no awe of anyone because you do not look at 'appearance some men. " (Matteo 22)

And others will pay in the future.

Wannabes, all equal, that fight one who is aware, who chose to wake up.

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