Non è necessariamente un ideale communist quello di attribuire il giusto peso e gli adeguati onori allo sforzo, abnegation and capabilities of those who “realizes”. Too often in society, Some people take it merits and honors he did not appartangono. Hanno utilizzato il job e le competenze di altri per rendersi grandi agli occhi dei posteri. Not to mention those who send their children to fight and, the atrocities of the war, build their fortune…

Domande di un lettore operaio

Who built Thebes of the Seven Gates?
Dentro i books ci sono i nomi dei re.
The kings have led those stone blocks?
Babylon destroyed many times,
many who rebuilt it? In such homes
Lima shiny gold lived builders?
Where did the masons, The evening ended
the Great Wall?
La grande Rome è piena di archi di trionfo. Who built them?
About who triumphed the Caesars?
The celebrated Byzantium had only palaces for its inhabitants?
Even in fabled Atlantis the night that the sea swallowed them up,
They choked pleading for help from their slaves.

The young Alexander conquered India.
He alone?
Caesar defeated the Gauls.
He had with him not even a cook?
Philip of Spain wept, when her his flotta
It was sunk. No other wept?
Frederick won war Seven Years. Expenses
He won over to him?

Every page a victory.
Who cooked the victory dinner? Ogni dieci anni un grande uomo.
Who paid the costs?

Many events.
Tante Applications.

Domande di un lettore operaio, Bertold Brecht

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