I was in a large library with a friend. I usually like to spend two hours surrounded by books, browse through someone, read the presentation is, if I find something that strikes me, lo porto a home with me.
Known, in the ranking of books Bestsellers, that the first place is to Luciana Littizzetto. I approach intrigued, I wear gloves that protect me from anything that is commercial and open it in case. Sometimes the case It is mocking. There is talk of loffe. I read the little story, if I remember male, It was a parody of the advertising of a perfume; I smile and I commend the book in its place. I thought that with loffe I can make people laugh even my friends. If I have to ruin your eyes, I prefer to do it for something that I can not have the life daily. O, in alternativa, if I want to shoot some bullshit I can always go to my friend Almost30 , whose blog It is infested by stupid comments of the undersigned.
My intention is not to blame or criticize someone:Luciana Littizzetto is a great comic, but I had to find a way to start stimulating the post. Unlike, I want to strike up a defense. I classics They are not necessarily boring, speeches committed are not necessarily heavy, while it is that part of comedy easy and useless or offensive.
I'm not an academic, and I do not like people curmudgeon and earnest, but does not attract me even those who never fails to leave the role of comedian.
Among the different ways to draw a smile to people, what I like best, It is a kind of irony. The 'Irony talking about important things, so simple and cute. If not everyone agrees with me, They will still have to admit that, in this case, in addition to laugh, si porta a home something more.
The satire It tends to affect people. The end of the comicality It is to draw a smile at any cost, even so vulgar or bad want. I will not judge those who do, but, in certain circumstances, I find it very boring and heavy.
Not contempt nor satire, nor comedy, but I think that 'irony, used in certain areas and ways, will be more constructive than the first two. Roberto Benigni with the reading of the Divine Comedy It has shown that one can speak of literature in a fun and interesting. If letteratuta it is taught that way, going to school would be a pleasure. Obviously, Benigni it's a case single. But a hint of irony more, It would be very important for our school system.

Roberto Benigni
Photo by Roberto Benigni

The philosophy does not rule out the smile, thinking does not make sad, help. I am always mind the face of Dalai Lama (I was lucky enough to see live), far from its lands, from friends, deprived of his homeland, boss of a people victim of arrogance and violence, but always with the smile on the mouth and ready to joke.

Socratic irony
at this point, I have to call in help once again my friend who are here with me, top right.
Socrates era brutto. His nose was crushed, nostrils wide, high forehead,bulging eyes and little hair.
It was short and had a belly important. Also, He washed and cared little.
He liked to think, reflect and laugh at himself and others.
once Critobulus, beautiful uomo greco, invites him to participate in a race beauty to tease. Socrates, at all annoyed accepts.
When it is his turn begins to do Applications a Critobulo.
What is it for you about beauty?
Critobulus responds ...
After an exchange of words, Critobulus is confused and in trouble. Failing to give a plausible definition of beauty, He goes so far as to admit, nell'ilarità viewers, that between the two of them,actually, that beautiful is Socrates.

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