It's Friday night. I'm tired and I want to rest; I lie on the bed, stare at the ceiling.
The phone rings.
N pronto
S Ciao Nabla, I'm Silvia.
N Hello! come va?
N you doing tonight?
S mah, others as usual go to dance, I would like to do something more relaxing.
N go to cinema....
S Cinema ? Your ? I remind you that, the last time we came out cinema You had a look catatonic, let alone when we were together: we could never see a film in TV, since after 2 minutes already snoring.
N yes, but this time is different, I found a nice film. All those who have seen it say it is beautiful and I read positive opinions also on various blog.
S What film?
N “the pursuit of happiness.ʱ??
S you smell philosophy ?
N yes.
S va fine, if you want, why not .

Hours a night, the air is still, the sky less dark than usual, I left the cinema a po'malinconico.

S: then you liked? at least, I saw that you stay awake.
N ehh..
do not say you're the usually grumpy ... let it go ...
N No, for nothing.
S Come?
The N film It is cute itself, but the title is inappropriate or would have us believe that the happiness coincides with the success?
S knew! You say that because you were not poor and not know what it means to run a family in such conditions! He redeemed himself, He has used their skills and the opportunity that has been procured by himself; after combining so much trouble, He has been successful and has become rich. What's male?
N Do not discuss the human story, only the title. In my opinion it should have be ʱ??about search successʱ??, at least I was advised. by title, frankly, I expected something more subtle.
S cos' is in your success?
N climb the ranks of the company.
S then, then it should also depend on the company itself.
N precisely, also in this case would you object. For many Eastern cultures success coincides with the achievement of the wisdom then, there is a 'universal idea of ​​success. The correct title was " search the success made in the USA ". After the success there is the happiness? Probably a base, but it is not necessary and sufficient condition, indeed could be also an obstacle.
And then even if the happiness coincided with the success I do not like those who sell dreams, since, this case It is the 'exceptional, banality as film. The rule is that, in some societies, who is born poor and unknown, It remains so; and all those who do not have it made, we talk about them, how they sought the happiness.
S yes but he needed the money for live, It was bankrupt ...
N Money is a means, not an end; that kind seemed obsessed by the desire to get rich, It was reduced to poverty because of a bad investment. Moreover, the film ends with the narrator "this time in my life is called happiness"And then the word Chris open his own company and become a millionaire, the message is clear.
S feel, then what is it for you happiness?

N La happiness is something interior and each has its: different places, vite e culture diverse, different people, along roads that also distant from each other, are all to search the same thing: universal, but at the same time so individual; but one thing is for sure, It must not become millionaires ...
S're still the same pain in the neck, thankfully we left!
2300 Years ago:

Neither wealth bigger, nor the admiration of crowds, or else due to causes undefined they are able to dissolve the disturbance of mind and procure true happiness.

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