Educazione Siberiana

"The hunger comes and goes but the dignity once lost never returns. "
Grandfather Kuzja

None force politics, no power imposed with a flag worth as much as the natural freedom of a single person.
Nicolai Lilin – Book Siberian Education.
Kolìma, we must have respect for all living creatures. Except for the police, people who work in government, bankers, usurers and those who have the power money and exploit simple people.
Grandfather Kuzja – Phrases film Siberian Education.
The fast dell’uomo may all look alike. One is born, you grow, There he falls in love, you have children, working, one dies. Some revel life, others do not. Ma November Siberian, Kolìma, the fight.
Ink – Phrases film Siberian Education.
The winter did not seem to have an end, and the herd starved. The leader, the oldest of all, He proceeded on his head and reassured the young, telling him that he would soon be spring. But, at a certain point, a young wolf decided to stop. He said he had had enough of the cold and hunger, and that he would be with us. Because the important thing was to stay alive. So, the young, He became capture and over time, He forgot be I never have been a wolf. a day, of many years after, while she accompanying his master hunting, he ran servile to collect prey. But, He realized that the prey was the old pack leader. He became silent in shame, but the old wolf spoke and said so: “I die happy because I lived my life wolfish, you instead, no longer belong to world wolves and do not belong to world some men”. Hunger comes and disappears, the ma dignity, once lost, never returns.
Grandfather Kuzja – Phrases film Siberian Education.
The seats so, where nature had been removed and exchanged with a stupid and grotesque project of human self-aggrandizement, to those like myself endeavored sadness and pain.
Nicolai Lilin – Book Siberian Education.
People call them crazy, crazy, Abnormal, just because they do not understand what they think and say. But their language is the language of It Gave. This is why we call them “Wanted by It Gave”. And we have to respect them, all. No one is allowed to touch them, even with a finger; and that it is up to us to protect them. Even at the cost of our life.
Grandfather Kuzja – Phrases film Siberian Education.
A tattoo is not just a drawing. View, a tattoo artist is as a confessor. He writes history of an uomo on his body.
Ink – Phrases film Siberian Education.
[…] remember: those who want too is a crazy. A uomo He can not own more than his heart could love.
Grandfather Kuzja – Phrases film Siberian Education.
A gentle tongue size and affects more than any knife.
Nicolai Lilin – Book Siberian Education.
There is no place for drugs in our communities. Siberian November, there never get dirty hands with that stuff.
Grandfather Kuzja – Phrases film Siberian Education.
The real weapon of every gentleman is its elegance: with that you could do anything - rob, kill, steal, lie - never be suspects.
Nicolai Lilin – Book Siberian Education.
Grandfather Kuzja : You do not have a pike, real?
Kolìma : No.
Grandfather Kuzja : Fine, Take this time.
Kolìma : Per me?
Grandfather Kuzja: And, Kolìma. View, This pike knows you since the day you were born. It's the same knife used to cut the umbilical cord that bound you to your mother. The pike is like the croce. Lei ci accompagna per l’intera nostra life. […]
Grandfather Kuzja : And when a criminal dies, his pike dev’be broken. Starts a blade goes with him, the other is the person he loved most in this world.
Kolìma : Why?
Grandfather Kuzja: Because in this way, the day of judgment, they can be found and can be reunited in peace.
Phrases film Siberian Education.
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