Often I wish I'd never met, because I could sleep at night. And I should not live with the knowledge that there is someone like you around… and I should not see you throw everything to the wind.
Lambeau – Phrases of film Will Hunting – Rebel genius.
freedom, if he forgot, is the right of’soul to breathe, and if it can not make the laws are too narrow belts. Without freedom the’uomo It is a syncope.
Will – Phrases of film Will Hunting – Rebel genius.
You'll have a hard time, but they will make you appreciate things belle which would take no note.
Sean – Phrases of film Will Hunting – Rebel genius.

Sean: If I asked you about art you probably citeresti all books art ever written… Michelangelo. You know so many things about him: his works, political aspirations, he and the Pope, his sexual orientation, everything true? But I bet you can not tell me that smell is in the Sistine Chapel. You've never been there with her head turned toward that beautiful ceiling… May visto. If you asked you about women, probably you do me a compendium on your preferences, you can even have fucked sometimes… but you can not tell me what it is like to wake up next to a woman and feel truly happy. You're a tough guy. And if I asked you about war You probably would throw Shakespeare face eh? “Once more into the breach, search friends!”… but you've never touched a. You've never held in her lap the head of your best friend seeing him take his last breath while his eyes for help. If you asked you on’love You probably would say a sonnet. But looking at a woman you've never been totally vulnerable… You do not know one that you lifted his eyes, feeling It Gave He sent an angel on earth just for you, to save you from the depths of Hell. You do not know how it feels to be His angel, have as much love per lei, vicino a lei forever, in every circumstance, including cancer. You do not know what it's like to sleep on a chair in the hospital for two months, holding her hand, because the doctors see in your eyes that the term “Visiting hours” It does not apply to you. You do not know what true loss, because this only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself: I doubt you've ever dared to love someone so much. I look at you, and I do not see a uomo clever, confident, I see a bully that shit in fear. But you're a genius, Will, who denies this. No one can understand what you have in the deep. But you claim to know everything about me because you saw a painting of mine and you have torn apart my life fucking. You're an orphan right? Do you believe that I can frame what has been difficult your life, how you feel, who are you, because I read Oliver Twist? This is enough to incasellarti? Personally, I strafrego of all this, Why, do you know what, there's nothing I can learn from you not read in some fuckin 'book. Unless you wanna talk about you. Who you are. Then it fascinates me. I'm in. But you do not want to do it… real, sample? You're terrified of what you'd say. … A te la mossa, boss.
Phrases of film Will Hunting – Rebel genius.
Eh, Yup! … Oh, Lord… aah, but, Will, He died two years ago and this is what I remember. Wonderful moments, became, little things well. However,… these are the things that I miss. Small weaknesses that I knew only. That made my wife. Anche lei ne sapeva delle belle about me, He knew all my peccadilloes! These things the people call imperfections, but I'm not. They are the essential part. Then we have to choose who to enter our little strange world. You're not perfect, sample. And I remove uncertainty: the girl you met, non è perfetta neanche lei. Ma's question It is whether or not you're perfect for each other. That is what matters. That's what intimacy means. can know all things world, but the only way to find this here is give her a chance. Sure, You do not learn from a fart like me. And even if I did I would not tell a Piscione like you.
Sean – Phrases of film Will Hunting – Rebel genius.
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