There are many people unhappy but does not take the initiative to change their situation because it is conditioned by security, conformism, conservatism, all of which seem to ensure peace of spirit, but in reality for the adventurous spirit of a uomo does not exist anything more devastating to a secure future. The real core of the spirit a person's life is the passion for adventure. The joy of live It comes from’meeting with new experiences, and then there is no greater joy of having a horizon steadily change, be of every day under a new and different sun… We must find that the courage of revolt against the style of life habitual and throw us into a life unconventional…
Phrases di Into the Wild – Christopher McCandless .
Carine McCandless: The fragility of the crystal is not a weakness but a refinement. .
There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is an ecstasy on the desolate beach,
There is life, where none intrudes,
Next to the deep sea, and the music of his lapping:
It's not that I love the less’uomo, but Nature more.
(Caption opening quoting George Gordon Byron) .
Chris measured himself and those around him according to a strict moral code. He threatened to set off on a path full of loneliness, but found company in the characters of the books he loved, in writers like Tolstoy, Jack London, e Thoreau. For all circumstances could find the proper citation and never missed an opportunity to do it.
Carine McCandless .
But you're wrong if you think that the joys of life They are mostly from the relationships between people. It Gave put the happiness everywhere and anywhere, in all that we can do experience. We just need to change the way you look at things.
Phrases di Into the Wild – Christopher McCandless .
The happiness It is only real when shared.
– Christopher McCandless .
Christopher McCandless: Two years he travels around the world: no phone, no pool, no dogs and cats, no cigarettes. Extreme freedom, an extremist, a traveler esthete who has to home the street. So now, after two years of path He comes the latest and greatest adventure. The apogee of the battle to kill the false be interior, victoriously sealed the spiritual revolution. In order not to be more poisoned by civilization he flees, walking alone on earth to get lost in the wilderness. .
Christopher McCandless: I lived very, and now I think I've found it takes to be happy: a life quiet, secluded, in the countryside. With the possibility of be useful to people who allow themselves to help, and who are not accustomed to receiving. It's a job that will hopefully be of a few utility; and then rest, nature, books, music, love for the next. This is my idea happiness. and then, above all, for thou companion, and perhaps children. What can want the heart more of a uomo? [Reading Leo Tolstoy] .
I read somewhere that in the life matter not already to be strong, but to feel strong. To have measured at least once, loved at least once in the human condition oldest, just in front of the stone blind and deaf, no other aid than their own hands, and for themselves. (Christopher McCandless, quoting Primo Levi) .
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