La grane bellezza Roma

So’ clear toy trains we do our parties, so’ Most clear of the whole Rome. […] So’ clear. So’ clear why not go anywhere.
Jep Gambardella – Phrases The big one Beauty

The most significant discovery I made a few days after turning sixty-five years is that I can not lose time to do things they do not like to do.
Give Phrases The big one Beauty.
It always ends well. With the death. Before, but, there was the life, hidden under the bla bla bla bla bla. It's all settled under the chatter and noise. The silence and the feeling. The excitement and fear. The sparse flashes of inconsistent beauty. And then the squalor and the wretched’uomo wretched. All buried covered by the embarrassment of being in world. Browse. Browse. Browse. Browse. Elsewhere, there is elsewhere. I do not take care of elsewhere. Therefore, that this novel begins. In fondo, it's just a trick. Yup, it's just a trick.
Jep Gambardella – – Phrases The big one Beauty.
What we are famous abroad? Netting and pizzas, nothing. We are a country of magliari and grocers, and this will always.
Lello – Phrases The big one Beauty.
Ramona: You because you no longer have written a book?
Give: Because I know’ came out too often in the evening. Rome It makes you lose 'nu lot' and time. You devolved. IS write It requires a lot of concentration, so calm.
Phrases The Great Beauty.
For years, everyone asks me why I do not get write a new novel. But look 'people, ‘sta fauna. This is mine life, it's nothing. Flaubert wanted write a novel about nothing, It did not succeed. I can do it I?
Jep Gambardella – Phrases The Great Beauty.
A flicker, l’love It sat in the corner. Shy and distracted it was. For this reason we no longer tolerated life.
Orietta – Phrases The Great Beauty.
What do you have against nostalgia, eh? It's the only entertainment that remains for those wary of the future, the only.
RomanPhrases The Great Beauty.
In this country, Unfortunately, to be taken seriously we must take seriously.
RomanPhrases The Great Beauty.
Give: please, I pride myself be a gentleman ... nun me collapses ago the only certainty I have, eh?
Stefania: No, no, no now you please tell me what would be my lies and my fragility, beautiful my, eh ? I am a woman glues balls. Speaks! His, speaks!!
Give: His “woman glues balls” would collapse any gentleman… Stefa’ you wanted it, eh? In no particular order. Your vocation civil at university does not remember anyone; but many remember your personally another vocation that was expressed at that time, but it consumed in the bathrooms University… The history official party you wrote because for years you have been the lover of boss Party. Your eleven novels published by a small home publishing foraggiata Party, reviewed by small newspapers, close to the party, novels are irrelevant, everybody says, this does not mean that my youthful romance was irrelevant, on this I agree with you. Your history Eusebio: but which? Eusebio is in love with Jordan, everybody knows… lunch every day for years by Arnaldo, al Pantheon, under all'attaccapanni as two innamoratini, under the oak. Everybody knows and pretend anything. The education of children with sacrifice you condurresti minute by minute: work all week on TV, go out every night, also on Monday, they manifest even pushers popper. Your children are always without you: well during the holidays, Long, you grant, then you have to be precise a butler, a waiter, a cook, a driver who takes the kids to school, tre baby-sitter… But anyway ... as and when there is your sacrifice?! These are your lies and your fragility. Stef, mother and woman, you have fifty-three and a life devastated, like all of us ... So instead of making us the moral ... to look with dislike… you should look… fondly ... We are all on the brink of despair, we have no other remedy than to look at each other, us company, catch us a little around… O no?
Phrases The Great Beauty.
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