roma Rome is the capital of the world! This ties into the whole place history of world, and I account be born a second time, d’be for real Risen, the day I set foot in Rome. Its beauties I have raised gradually up to their height.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The degree bella Roma quann'è er sunset, when the orange is red again on the seven hills and the windows know’ many eyes that seem to tell you : how much you bella!
Antonello Venditti – Phrases Rome.
I found a city of brick, I give it back to Marble.
August – Phrases Rome.
"Rome is the capital of the world, controls the reins of the world revolution"
"Rome capital of world He holds the reins round Orbe »
Seal of Frederick Barbarossa – Phrases Rome.
Brothers of Italy | Italy has awakened | Dell'elmo di Scipio | She has bound her head | Where is the victory?! | Le PORGA la chioma | Slave of Rome | God has made.
Goffredo Mameli – Phrases Rome.
"We’ and it announces to the Romans that the will of the heavenly gods is that my Rome becomes the capital of world "
Livy – Phrases Rome.
But it was that I loved Rome, Imperial Rome, this bella Queen rolls orgy, tainting his noble as with the wine of depravity, fair of his vices rather than their virtue. Nero! Nero, with his chariots diamond flying arena, its thousands of cars, his loves Tiger and his giant banquets.
Gustave Flaubert – Phrases Rome.
I rather love it Rome: It is a kind of jungle, warm, quiet, where you can hide fine.
The sweet lifePhrases Rome.
Ramona: You because you no longer have written a book?
Give: Because I know 'come out too often in the evening. Rome makes you lose 'nu lot' and time. You devolved. IS write It requires a lot of concentration, so calm.
The big one BeautyPhrases Rome.
Rome is the example of what happens when the monuments of a city last too long.
Andy Warhol – Phrases Rome.
Rome is bella to get mad. Monuments, sole, desire of live, belle women. And warmth of the people.
John Carew – Phrases Rome.
"Tityrus and the crops and weapons of Enea will be read as long as Rome will be the capital of the world subjugated "
Ovid – Sentences of Rome.
There was a dream Rome was once you could only whisper, everything louder than a sigh would dispelled, She was so fragile. I fear that will not survive the winter.
Gladiator – Sentences of Rome.
All roads lead to Rome (All 'and roads Porteno in Rome)
Proverb – Sentences of Rome.
Never to city world He had the most wonderful adventure. La sua history It is so great that it looks tiny even the gigantic crime of which is scattered. Perhaps one of the troubles of Italy is just that: to have capital for a city disproportionate, as name and past, the modesty of a people, when cries: "Force Rome!", only alludes to a football team.
Indro Montanelli – Sentences of Rome.
Nominate Rome; It is the touchstone that scernerà brass gold. Rome is the wolf that feeds us of her breasts; and those who did not drink the milk of, You do not understand.
Ippolito Nievo – Sentences of Rome.
Rome is the capital of history, culture, of religion; Rome is Italy.
Uto Ughi – Sentences of Rome.
The city of Rome, as a pivot around which turned the wheel of the empire, it was one wonder of civilization and debauchery, the business efficiency and low policy, of enormous power and petty tricks. Even in the field of law, the Romans were able to create a mixture of progressive ideas with ridiculous things.
Jim Bishop – Sentences of Rome.
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