L'attimo fuggente

I had noticed that there was something in the air because while filming the last scene, one where the guys go up on the desks to greet the professor, one of the drivers of the crew, one full of tattoos, even on the eyelids, he began to cry like a calf. Dead Poets Society is a film that touches inside. He speaks of passion, creativity, all of those things to which people aspire to but rarely manages to achieve.
Robin Williams

"O Captain, My Captain!"Who knows this verse? Nobody? You do not know? It's a poetry di Walt Whitman, speaking of Abraham Lincoln. Here, in this class you can call me Mr. Keating or if you're a bit’ bolder, “O Captain, My Captain”.
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
"Take the rose when it's time,
that the time, lo sai, flying
and the same flower that blooms today,
tomorrow will wither. "
Pitts – Phrases The fleeting moment.
catch the moment. Take the rose when it's time.
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
Armies of academics advance by measuring the poetry. No! We will not allow.
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
I went to the woods because I wanted live with wisdom, deep, sucking all the marrow of life, […] to rout all that was not life and not to discover, in point death, I had not lived.
Neil – Phrases The fleeting moment.
and now, my beloved, learn again to think with your head. You will learn to savor words is language.
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
Medicine, law, economy, engineering are noble professions, necessary to our livelihood, the ma poetry, about beauty, romance, l’love, these are the things that keep us life.
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
Because we are food for worms, boys. Why, oddly enough, each of us in this room, one day stop breathing, become cold and die. Now draw near, and look at these faces of the past: you will have seen them a thousand times, but I do not think they'll look. They are not that different from you, real? Same haircut, full of hormones, come voi, invincible, like you feel. The world is their oyster, think be destined for great things, as many of you, their eyes are full of hope, just like your. They will have waited until it was too late to make at least a modicum of their potential? For you see, these guys now, They are fertilizer for flowers. But if you listen carefully, You hear them whisper their warning. Courage, draw near. Listen to them. Feel? [mormorando] Carpe… Heard? Carpe… Carpe diem… Seize the day, boys… Make your extraordinary life
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
Here, when you read, do not just consider the author. Consider what you think. Children, you have to fight to find your voice. Later start doing it, bigger is the risk of not finding at all.
Keating – Phrases The fleeting moment.
Teach me the’love? He thinks with his head rather. | I'm already maestro highest. | The It Gave dell’Love, if there is truly one, | he learned’love da me.
Charlie – Phrases Dead Poets Society.
Therefore, fans of one sport argue that the sport It is inherently better than another. Per me, all sport are occasions when other human beings push us to excel.
Keating – Phrases Dead Poets Society.
Keating: Suck the marrow of life does not mean choking on the bone. There's a time for the courage it's a time for caution, and the true uomo He knows how to distinguish them.
Phrases Dead Poets Society.
Keating: Excrement! Here's what I think of the theories of J. Evans Prichard. We're not talking about tubes, we're talking about poetry. But you can not judge the poetry facendo la hit-parade? “Gagliardo Byron, It is fifth, but little is danceable.” Now I want you to rip that page. Courage, ripped the entire page. you heard me? Strappatela. I said strappatela! Courage, strappatela. – Phrases Dead Poets Society.
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