No art is highest in the sky. No gift more solid ground. nothing lasts forever. .
Some thrive in the light, other darkness. The times make us who we are. .
Never put yourself in first place. Learn to show respect. There is always someone better than you. Give way not to miss. What I have taught, maestro, it is in be modesto.
The times shape the style of the warrior. .
Each challenge takes us to a higher peak..
Get rid of what you know and you will know a lot more. .
Do not tell me how you fight fine or how great your maestro. Do not brag about your style. Kung Fu… due words: horizontal, vertical. It makes a mistake, horizontal. Vince only those who remain standing. IS’ very simple. .
In chess and in life, the move made is not cleared from the board. .
If the old never leave… when young people will have their chance? .
If you do not see a certain thing, It means that perhaps does not exist? .
Mine time it's over. Argue that the life you do not have regrets is fooling themselves. How boring it would be the life no regrets. .
I a time I had your own temperament. He had only win. Ma's life is more than this. You have to look farther. And you will realize that beyond the hills opens a world. Persist in not see the good that is in the other, not recognize the capacity, is lack of generosity. All the principles of martial arts also apply to the character. .
“Do you know why the knife must have a sheath?” “Because his force It is not in’be sharp but hidden.” .
Per be masters They need three things: be, know and act. .
The grandmaster – Phrases last edit: Friday,en,25 July 16:18, 2014 the nabladue

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