“The Beauty will save world

Well, a voi, you just tell the truth, because you know to read in people:words and facts, lies and truth, for me everything is confused and everything is perfectly sincere.
Phrases Dostoevsky.
“A da be human, What can be expected? It is full of all the good things of this world, it will sink to the roots of the hair happiness, and even beyond, over his head, so much so that the surface of the happiness go up only bubbles, as on the surface of the water; It should be given that live, to the point that the remains nothing to do but sleep, devour sweets and think about the survival of humanity; Well, this minute, just the same be Human will play a trick, sheer ingratitude, only to insult. He will play even desserts and will hope the most harmful nonsense, the most expensive nonsense, just to add to this positive rationality and its own fatal fantastic element. He will maintain his extravagant ideas, its banal stupidity…”
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky .
“Or finish the novel, or I will die, because I can return life only through the novel” Aphorisms Dostoevsky.
I wanted to say is that the perversion of the ideas and concepts (as it expressed Yevgeny Pavlyc) We encounter it very often, and it is unfortunately a far more case General that not a case special. Phrases Dostoevsky.
Oh, as he wanted to be there now and think of a single thing – whole life to that only! Phrases Dostoevsky.
Coward who is afraid and runs away, but those who are afraid and will not run away, not a coward Aphorisms Dostoevsky.
You know that a woman is capable of tormenting a uomo with its cruelty and its derision without feeling the slightest remorse, because every time I look at thinks to himself: "Here, golden lo torture or death, ma in cambio, then, I reward you with my lovePhrases Dostoevsky.
Now I challenge you all, I atheists: by what means you will save world and what you have been able to find the normal route, you men of science, Proponents industry, Insurance, the salary and the rest? By what means? With credit? What is a credit? What will lead the credit? – Bella your curiosity!
Aphorisms Dostoevsky.
The law of self-destruction and the law of self-preservation are equally strong.
Phrases Dostoevsky.
People run, cackles, He yells and is anxious for happiness, so they say, of mankind. "Too noisy and industrial is becoming humanity, and spiritual quiet scarce ", He complains a thinker who is secluded from world."It is, but the noise of the wagons that bring bread to humanity hungry is perhaps best of spiritual quiet ", He replied victoriously another thinker who travels far and wide, and walks away from him with arrogance.
Phrases Dostoevsky.
I, I could not… "Explain". I will add, however, that in every human thought or the brilliant new, indeed just human thought seriously, that sprouts in a brain, It is always something that you can not communicate with other, even if they would fill entire volumes and explain their ideas for thirty-five years: It will always be something that will never want to get out of your head and it will remain in you forever; and so you will die perhaps not communicated to anyone the essential part of your idea.
Phrases Dostoevsky.
An idea that binds men is gone: everything is softened, everything is undone, all are unmade. All, all, we are all mushy
Phrases Dostoevsky.
Wounds fact the vanity of any of these countless friends World, and will be ready to set fire, for petty revenge, the four corners of the world, just like, the rest, would each of us, speaking in consciousness, and how would too, the most despicable of all, because it would be perhaps the first to take the wood and then run away.
Phrases Dostoevsky.
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