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I want to find an expression for the duality, I would like write capitoli e phrases dove fossero sempre visibili contemporaneamente canto e controcanto, where next to every variety there was unity, next to each joke seriousness.
Perchè solo in questo consiste per me la life, in the float between two poles, nell’oscillazione tra i due pilastri portanti del world. Vorrei con gioia far see la beata varietà del world ed anche sempre ricordare che al fondo di questa truth vi è un’ unit.
Hermann Hesse – aphorisms .
…He instead, He remained always the same, He could no longer turn. Dal momento in cui capì questo la sua happiness svanì. Lo si può see tutti i giorni anche nei cavalli, in birds, in men and in all beings: when they do not possess the gift of transformation, col time sprofondano nella tristezza e nell’abbattimento, e perdono ogni beauty
Hermann Hesse – aphorisms .
Io sto con Siddharta: our wise friend d’Oriente, who once said,: "The words non fanno fine al senso segreto: everything immediately becomes a little 'different, a po'falsata,a fact po'strampalata, eppur questo è fine, even with this I agree,ciò che per un uomo è tesoro e wisdom, for the other always it has a tone folly »
Hermann Hesse – aphorisms .
Our goal is not to transform one another,
ma di conoscerci l’un l’altro e d’imparar a see e a rispettare nell’altro
what he is: our opposite and our completion.
Phrases Hesse – Narciso and Boccadoro .
Solitude is independence: I had desired
and I'd gained over many years. It was cold, yes, but it was also quiet,
wonderfully quiet and the size of the cold space
and silent in which revolve the stars.
Aphorisms Hesse Steppenwolf .
All the books of world
non ti danno la happiness,
But in secret
They refer to yourself.
There is everything you need,
sun moon stars.
Because the light that you mean
lives inside gave you.
The wisdom che hai cercato
long in the library
now shines on every page,
because now is your.
Phrases Hesse .
It is afraid of a thousand things, Pain, judgments, of his heart; They are afraid of sleep, Awakening, fear of loneliness, the cold, madness, of death. Especially the latter, of death. But are all masks, disguises.
In reality there is only one fear: quella di lasciarsi fall, to take that step into the unknown away from any possible certainty… there is only one art, one doctrine, one mystery: lasciarsi fall, non opporsi recalcitrando alla volontà di It Gave, not cling to anything, né al fine né al male. Then it is redeemed, free from suffering, free of fear.
Aphorisms Hesse .
For men there is absolutely no obligation, except one:
find themselves, consolidate itself, conduct
attempts to his own way wherever it leads.
Phrases Hesse – Demian ~ .
Most men are like a dry leaf, that hovers and turns in the air and falls to the ground swaying. But others, few, are like fixed stars, going for their precise course, and there is no wind that touch them, hanno in loro stessi la loro legge ed il loro path.
Phrases Hesse .
Chi ha imparato ad ascoltare gli alberi non brama più di be a tree. Vuole be quello che è.
Phrases Hesse .
What matters it is all within us; from anyone out there can help. Non be in war con se stessi, live d’love e d’accordo con se stessi: then anything is possible.
Phrases Hesse .
The wisdom non è comunicabile. The science si può comunicare, the ma wisdom no. You can find it, live, you can do wonders with it, but it can not explain it and teach it.
Aphorisms Hesse .
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