"Yeah, the Supreme Father, It Gave maker, He was fashioned according to the laws of an arcane wisdom of this house world as it appears, august temple of the deity.
He had embellished with the intelligence area iperurania, He had revived the eternal souls of ethereal globes, He was populated by a multitude of animals of every kind of vile and cowardly parts world lower. Senonchè, visited the job completed, the author wished there was someone able to grasp the reason for great work yes, of the Amarna beauty, to admire the vastness. Therefore, now accomplished all, as Moses and Timaeus testify, She thought to be the last to produce 'uomo. But none of the archetypes left some of which shape the new creature, nor of the treasures there was no one to bestow on the new legacy son, neither of the places around the world one remained where sit Codest of contemplative 'universe. All were now filled, all had been distributed in chief, nei environment, in the lowest grades. But it would not be worthy of the fatherly authority failing almost powerless, last invoice; not the wisdom to remain uncertain in a work necessary for lack of advice; not of its beneficial love, that he who was destined to praise the divine generosity in others was forced to blame in himself.
Finally established the great architect that to him which anything could give just was common all that had individually assigned to other. Therefore welcomed the 'uomo as a work of nature in the heart of the apostle and indefinite world so he spoke: "I have not given, or Adam, neither a place nor a determined look right, nor any prerogative your, because that place, that aspect, those prerogatives that you covet, all according to your vote and get your advice and keep. The limited nature of the other is contained within the laws prescribed by me. You yourself you will determine the barrier forced nowhere, according to your will, to whose authority I gave you ". L’uomo It does not have a definite place assigned by It Gave but faber fortunae suae meaning higher than the term. L’uomo e artisan of his fortune, that is master of its own destination, but not only in the sense that each, in the words of Leon Battista Alberti, can create their own destination and can win fortune, but in the sense that 'uomo it creates for itself its place in creation, even It Gave She gives him a mandate in white to choose which place of creation wants to occupy. "I lay in the middle of world Beyond better because you plainly saw all that is in world. I have made you neither heavenly, nor ground, neither mortal, nor immortal, because of yourself almost free and sovereign creator plasmassi and you will sculpt the shape you'd chosen. You can degenerate into things
which it is lower than the brutes; You'll be able to, according to your will, regenerate in superior things that are divine ". O supreme liberality It Gave father! O supreme and admirable happiness man who is allowed to get what they want, of be what he wants. The brutes in the womb to be born bear all you have [The destination animal is already determined by instinct, animals act mechanically, no free choice]. The spirits supreme or beginning or shortly after this were to be forever and ever. In man the Father put down the nascent seeds of each species and seeds of each life. And according to them that each will have grown, those will grow and bear fruit in him. And if they will plant vegetables; if sensitive will be brutish; if rational, animal become heavenly: if intellectuals, angel and will son of It Gave [man you can turn to the beasts, reduced to be Pets, or even become an angelic creature and divine, It depends on him] but if, not happy with the fate of any creature, It will gather in the center of its unity, made one spirit only God, in the solitary darkness of the Father, who was placed on all things will stand above all things. Who will not admire this our chameleon? Who then will not admire the man? It not without reason in the Old and New Testament is now called with the name of each be of meat, now with that of every creature, because fashion, plasma and transforms his person according to the appearance of any kind, his wit according to
of every creature. Thus the Persian Evanthes, where explains the Chaldean theology, He says that man does not have its own native image, but many extraneous and adventitious. Hence the saying Chaldean, that man's animal nature varies, multiform and changing.
But remember that everything? Because we understand, since we were born in the state of be what we want, it is our duty to take care especially of this: that does not tell us that because we did not realize in honor of be become like beasts and foolish in mares, but rather we repeated the words the prophet Asaph: "IDII you and all the children of the sky". Yes that, abusing dall'indulgentissima liberality of the Father, we do not harmful rather than healthy free choice that he granted us. We grab the soul a holy ambition to not be content with the things mediocre, but crave the most high and strive with all our strength to reach them, Since, wanting, it's possible".

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