Brecht can not be confused with what we call "propaganda writers»: intellectual rigor and moral consistency of which his life was a trial continues, exclude it absolutely; and why his Theatre It exerts such an influence on the new European drama returning with natural simplicity this art to its social function and adapting to our new need of men who know they have, anyway, a future. (Luciano Lucignani) .
"The saying that is sweet and honorable to die for one's country can be It considered only as propaganda for certain purposes […] only fools can be so vain by want about death, especially as such statements speak when one considers still a far cry from the last hour. But when gossip death approaches, here is that if the melt with the shield on his shoulder as he did in the battle of Philippi the inventor of this maximum, fat jester emperor.[5] "
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
For those above talk of eating is what low. You understand: They have eaten.
Bertolt Brecht.
Fear not so much the death, but most of the squalor life!
Aphorisms di Bertolt Brecht.
I do not think that the science It may propose other purpose than to relieve fatigue of human existence. If men science do not react to the intimidation of powerful selfish and limited to accumulate know per know, about science can remain weakened forever, and every new machine that will not be a source of new tribulations for’uomo. and when, the coll'andar time, you will have discovered all the discoverable, your progress will not be a shift away from humanity.
Aphorisms di Bertolt Brecht .
Unhappy the land that needs heroes.
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
Who does not know the truth It is a fool, who, knowing, calls lie, It is a criminal.
Aphorisms di Bertolt Brecht .
Those who fight may lose, who does not fight has already lost.
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
First they came for the gypsies. And I was happy because pilfered. Then they came for the Jews. And I said nothing, because they were unsympathetic. Then they came for the homosexuals, and I was relieved, because they were annoying. Then they came for the Communists, and I said nothing, because I was not communist. One day they came for me, and there was nobody left to protest.
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
When you are faced with an obstacle, the shortest line between two points can be a curved line.
Aphorisms di Bertolt Brecht .
Hesitate is fine, if you do then you need to do.
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
I'm working hard to prepare for my next error.
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
The predilection of the bourgeoisie for the bandits is explained by the erroneous concept: a bandit can not be a bourgeois. This error is directly descended from the other: a citizen can not be a bandit.
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
" I admit: I
I do not have hope.
The blind man speaks of a way out. I
I see.
When all errors are exhausted
the ultimate companion that we face
and the Nothing "
Phrases di Bertolt Brecht.
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