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Macbeth: The life is nothing more than a’shadow in path; a poor player that stirs and frets his hour on stage and which then is heard no more anything. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and no meaning.
Thoughts Macbeth – Shakespeare

Lady Macbeth: But I fear that is your nature:too full of the milk of humanity to know how to choose the shortcut. You are ambitious, you, want be big;but they lack the malice, what would you like to have the blaze to clean hands: win wrongly, Yup, but without cheating. Oh grande Glamis, you want someone who will cry out: “Failure, if you want it!”, because your nature act above your desire Action. Run here soon, I blow my courage in your ear: about force della mia lingua annienterà ogni ostacolo fra te e quel cerchio d’oro con cui destination and magic seem to have you already crowned.
Aphorisms Macbeth – Shakespeare.
Macbeth: the horror of reality is anything against the idea of ​​horror. My thoughts, only virtual murders, shake my nature uomo; function and imagination mingle; is anything is, if not what is not.
Phrases Macbeth – Shakespeare.
Malcolm: who died as long pondered the death, and gets rid of his dearest thing as an object laughable.
Aphorisms Macbeth – Shakespeare.
Lady Macbeth: Oh, the sun does not see that tomorrow!
My Lord, your face is a book that anyone can read strange thoughts. To defraud the now, take the time aspect; Press welcome eye, in hand, on the tongue; pretend innocence flower, but be the serpent that there flattens inside. We'll deal with the one who is coming; put in my hands the work of this night, which will give power a sovereign authority in all the days and nights of our future.
Phrases Macbeth – Shakespeare.
Macbeth: Stars, spegnetevi! Do not reveal the black bottom of my thoughts. The eye does not see what does the hand. But finally it has done the act, occurred, eye stricken with horror.
Aphorisms Macbeth – Shakespeare.
Lady Macbeth: Brightens the eye. A troubled face shows fear. the rest, leave it to me.
Phrases Macbeth – Shakespeare.
Banquo: often, to lose,the powers of darkness tell the truth, They annihilated because of trifles innocent.
Phrases Macbeth – Shakespeare.
If pit once did, then
better be done soon. If the crime
He could ensnare its consequences
and where it ends reach its end; one shot
that were the whole and the end of everything;
here the same time, on sandbar
which it is the time, I would jump for throw
on life to come. But already here
it captures the judgment : posts
blood we invent backfire
the inventor. The justice impartial
torches and poison cup to our lips.

That incentive has my design?
The ambition, not more: the ambition that alone,
jumping too high in the saddle,
and disarciona.
Thoughts Macbeth – Shakespeare.
Macbeth: Come what may,the time It flies over even the worst days.
Phrases Macbeth – Shakespeare.
LADY MACBETH (Reading a Letter): I met them the day of victory; and I learned from the most authoritative information that in them is a science more than mortal. When I burned with the desire to question them again, They turned into air, and in it disappeared.
Phrases Macbeth – Shakespeare.
The male: but if this male was completely and openly male, shame, loathsome, the tragedy would be over before it began. It was called, instead, per Macbeth, greatness, the greatness: the greatness that the fatal sisters have prophesied, the intended course of events begins ready to largirgli, pointing out to him next and certainly everything else, sol that he is not to wait inert, but moves, stenda hand and what afferri. Benedetto Croce – Thoughts on Macbeth.
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