Shakespeare in love -Silvia

What light is light ,if warbler appears?
What joy is joy if Silvia is not them?
a men di immaginarla a me vicina e far
My semblance of perfection.
if in the night I stand beside Warbler
I do not feel more’ even the nightingale.
to contemplate men's warbler day
there is no more’ day that I want to contemplate.
I do not live longer’ are lei -di me l’essenza-
I removed the benign influence that
mi da life,food,light and affection.
non evito la death ,if I escape to this verdict:
that is’ my Attardo, corteggio certa death,
ma dalla life fuggo ,if I run away from the court.

Shakespeare – Silvia
The Two Gentlemen of Verona

What light is light ,if warbler appears? last edit: Thursday,19 March 15:57, 2009 the nabladue

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