Benvolio: I, measuring its sadness from my trying the places where less risked be vista, already being weight by myself to myself, I went over with my black mood,not caring of his: willingly dodging who gladly escaped me..
Gregorio: Far muoto means move: but the courage It is to stand still. Wherefore, these muovi, Runaway. .
Principe: Eilhà,I say to you, not men but beasts, that turn off the heat of your anger cursed in red fountains of your veins..
Montecchi:But just lallegria sun begins to deviate from the far edge of the east the curtains of the night from the bed of the dawn,He runs away from light and it runs home My son troubled, and closes Room on,prisoner of himself..
Montecchi:But he has only one councilor, and I do not know what legitimized,in his sentence:himself. It in itself is held so shy, so averse to letting fathom and find out,closed as a bud eaten inside by an insidious worm before having dissolved air its soft petals to offer themselves to the sun in all its magnificence..
Benvolio:Ah,this love so kind to the view that it should be so the tyrant to the test!.
Romeo: Here hatred makes us very fight, but more, l’love. O love attaccabrighe, I hate love, or all, made of anything. About severity vain! Or serious vanity! Chaos of deformed shapes graceful – Feather of lead – glossy caligne – Fire Frost- ill health- restless sleep that is not what it is..
Romeo: Here – see? – the abuses of’friendship. Already too I weigh in my sadness; and you, with your weight that you add, me do trabbocccare. Why this affection makes me, in my sadness, more and more sad..
teach me to forget about thinking..
Romeo: Bravo, but this time we've taken. LEi npn si lascia colpire dall’arco di cupido. Diana and sensible as well defended as a solid armor of chastity, He lives secure the fragile infant arch’love. Not suffer siege phrases loving, dodges the’meeting the looks too bold, and she does not open her womb to gold trying too Saints. Oh, rich is beauty, poor only in this , that, when he dies with his beauty you will lose all its fine..
Romeo: …IS’ too wise , and too wisely bella to deserve happiness at the expense of my despair..
Capuleti: as soon as you make women, as soon as they do to unravel. All my hopes if you swallowed the earth; I just have this little girl;[…].
Benvolio: A desperation you care with another suffering; paid eye another poison, and drive out the old stale..
Romeo: yes it is my good fortune in my bad luck..
Madonna Capuleti: there is great merit in beauty outward if it covers an interior beauty;the eyes of many a book shares in the glory of its content only if closes below gold clasps a legend of gold..
Romeo: …You have dancing shoes with nimble soles:I l’soul Lead that nails me to the ground and can not move..
Romeo: L’love without a tender essence? But it's one villain screanzato, resounding, puntuto come un plum..
Mercutio: Se l’love no manners with you, you do not have with him. Pungilo if it bites you and put it back on the ground..
Tibaldo: This patience and sets the free explosion of my anger clashing within me, They make me tremble for the whole body..
Juliet: We ', Ask him the name. If married, The tomb will be my wedding bed..
Juliet: My only love blossomed from my only hate. Or unknown, I lost too early and too late known. O prodigiosa alba d’love, this, per me, forced to sea a hated enemy..
CHORUS: The old passion now lies on her bed death, and a new affection aspires to be the heir; about bella because of whom the lover in despair and wanted to die, Now, near the fair Juliet, is no longer bella.
But passion lends them force, the time It offers to both of the means to be able to see, mitigating their extreme pains with extreme sweetness..
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