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I consider the world for what it is: a stage where every man must play his part.
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Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the fine that we could get because we are afraid to groped.
William ShakespearePhrases.
Which means Montecchi? Nothing: not a hand, not a foot, Nor arm, not the face, or any another part of the body of a uomo. What's in a name? What we call with the name pink, although the chiamassimo another name, serberebbe still smell as sweet.
Romeo and Juliet, Phrases Shakespeare .

If only I had served my It Gave with half the zeal I served my king, he would not abandon me in my old age, naked, my enemies.
Phrases Shakespeare .

Just a drop of male to throw’shadow defamatory of any virtue.
Hamlet, Aphorisms Shakespeare. .
And why not death, rather than a living torture?
Dying is like being banished to oneself. Silvia It is another me: bandirmi da lei è esiliar me da me stesso: deadly exile! What light is light, if not to see Silvia? What joy is joy, are Silvia It did not close? Or if nothing else that I can think of is nearby, and enjoy at least a reflection of perfection? If one night Silvia It did not close, no harmony singing of the nightingale; if one day I contemplate Silvia, that day does not exist for me. She is the very essence of me and I'm not, if that does not influence his sweet warms me, not enlightens, I caress, I feeds. With escape the condemnation mortal would avoid dying: if I linger here I do not go meeting that the death, but if I flee to flee away from here life. (The Two Gentlemen of Verona,William Shakespeare Aphorisms) .
The life It is not that a’shadow in path; a poor player, that stirs and strutting on stage for an hour and then you do not know what more anything. IS’ a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and without any meaning.
William Shakespeare PhrasesMacbeth .
What angel wakes me from my flower bed?
please, pretty deadly, still singing.
My ear was enamored of your notes
as my eye is caught by your appearance.
The power Your irresistible virtue He pushes me
at first glance to tell, contrary to swear that I love.
Dream a Midsummer Night, Phrases Shakespeare .

Not to voice your thoughts, nor act to any idea unweighted. Be friendly, but never vulgar. Agganciali close, with steel rings, the friends already put to the test, but do not soften the palm trees with newly hatched chicks. Does not seek to dispute! But if you happen to get into it, see your opponent should look da te. Lend your ear to all, but just your voice. You hear everyone's opinion, but think your way. Garment fine, but within the limits of your bag, rich, not extravagant; because the dress often reveals the’uomo, and in France the men who matter most are meticulous and careful, especially in this. Not into debt and not pay money, because the lender loses himself and the’friend, and debt blunt wire economy. And finally, be true to yourself; from which must follow, as the night the day, that thou canst not be false to any man.
Hamlet , William ShakespearePhrases. .

And tell me how, Why, you came in here?
On the wings of light’Love I climbed these walls. L’Love is not afraid of obstacles of stone. Love when a thing tends, It is brave and ready.
Romeo and Juliet, Phrases Shakespeare .
Evil men survive their deeds. I good They are buried with their bones.
Julius Caesar, ShakespeareAphorisms .
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