the site personally managed, at least for now, These problems concerning the teaching and learning of math.
Specifically they discuss the problems and difficulties of his learning by students; this leads to extend this problem to the field of psychology and history of math and sciences in general.

the site I Pitagorici luciano port belongs to educational sites and dissemination of math and sciences and is' specially dedicated to teachers and secondary school students and to ( of First Instance, but not only ) and lovers of scientific disciplines.

People try to studies concerning the paths science,engineering and technology for many reasons. Some have specific goals: wishing to discover the cure of diseases,fight hunger and reduce pollution; others dream of developing the next laser technology,i transistor, or a vehicle that travel in the space; others dream of building businesses that leverage new capabilities of’ engineering. Some choose a career in science or in’ engineering, because they are transported by curiosity about the world natural. Others are motivated by the enthusiasm and beauty of world intellectual.
A site (in English) a must for all lovers science and engineering.

Aphorisms Mathematical and Mathematical Quotes by Gabriele Martufi
Aphorisms mathematicians, quotes mathematical, anecdotes mathematicians, Maximum, curiosity, of great mathematicians, Physical, scientists, Philosophy past and contemporary.

Blog interesting and very well designed both aesthetically and of Anna Ruberto organization, teacher Math and science in middle school; Anna Ruberto is also a collaborator with the magazine School and Education and “Searches Maestre”, engine search sure (for children from 3 to 12 years) created by Maestro Alberto aka Alberto Piccini.

our math


Site ufficale association Stem Cell Research Italy which groups Italian researchers interested in studying stamina cells adult. The aim of the association is to promote discussions and exchanges on search, care and therapy stamina cells adult and embryonic, as well as their transplant. The site is always updated with the events in which it takes part the association.

Stem Cell Research Italy

Mathematics on the Web
Site contains educational articles and not on: Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Physics, Statistics and Probability.

Scientific Itineraries
Online workshop with tables and interactive animations “learning by doing” and fun activities for verification “learn by playing”

Museum scientific virtual interactive.