Hollywood, as often happens, non racconta la truth. Behind the representation mythologizing and fascinating Wild West lies one of the most brutal genocides that humanity has ever known: that of the Native Americans.

"Where I am today the Pequot? Where are the Narragansett, to Mochicani, i Pocanet ed altre powerful tribù del nostro popolo? They have vanished before the avarice and oppression of whites, as snow before the summer sun …"
Tecumseh Shawnee – Native Americans .

A time si credeva che le popolazioni indigene fossero inferiori e meno intelligente dell’uomo occidentale civilizzato. So we found a justification philosophical and political conquest of the West and of all the places on the planet inhabited by indigenous.
Dopo che l’uomo occidentale ha varcato le colone d’Ercole, They have followed events as: forcible expropriation and colonization of new lands by Europeans at the expense of local populations, about birth della brutale pratica del commercio di schiavi nelle colonie, the extinction of many animal species, is, finally, the genocide of various populations. So someone, even in West, ha iniziato a dubitare della presunta e a-prioristica superiorità dell’uomo bianco rispetto a quella dei popoli considerati ancora “Primitive”.

In the eighteenth century it was born then myth of the Noble Savage. at this point, l’idea di superiorità dell’uomo bianco civilizzato viene messa in discussione e ribaltata. The myth of the Noble Savage è basato sulla convinzione che l’uomo in origine fosse un “Pets” good e pacifico e, only later, It would have been corrupted by society and by progress, becoming wicked.

The concept of “noble savage” It goes back to an idea of ​​humanity pure and clear from the vices of civilization: the natural essence of man unimpeded social good. This concept embodies the belief that without the brakes of civilization men are essentially (of nature) good e vengano corrotti dal commercio e da tutti i fardelli che la società civile impone.

Cristoforo Colombo, absolute forerunner of the myth, when he landed on the island of San Salvador on 12 October 1942, raccontò al Re e alla Regina l’meeting con le popolazioni indigene in questo modo:

Questa gente è così docile e così pacifica che giuro alle Vostre Maestà che non vi è al world una nazione migliore. They love their neighbors as themselves, and their speeches are always attentive and polite, and accompanied by a smile; and although it is true that they are naked, but their manners are decorous and praiseworthy.
Cristoforo Colombo .

Anthony Shaftesbury, one of the supporters of the myth of the noble savage in the eighteenth century, He incited an aspiring writer “looking for that simplicity of manner, and that innocent behavior, It was often known to mere savages; before they were corrupted by our businesses”.

L’idea del “noble savage” è nata come un tentativo di riaffermare il value morale e dello stile di life degli indigeni. It is also an attempt to de-legitimize the excesses and vices of Western society that, per perseguire i suoi insaziabili wishes, He was destroying the planet, other animals and his fellows.

The quality “noble savage” They are not defined in an absolute manner, but often they include:

  • Live in armonia con la Natura
  • Naturally empathetic toward his fellow man
  • Innocence
  • Inability to lie, faithfulness
  • Physical health
  • Disdain of lust
  • Courage morale
  • Intelligence “natural” O wisdom innata e spontanea

The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau It was a central figure in the creation of the myth of noble savage.

"Everything is good and leaves the hands of the Creator of things; everything degenerates in the hands of man "
Jean-Jacques Rousseau .

Rousseau contrappone il Buon Selvaggio alla rappresentazione dell’uomo come be egoista e senza scrupoli, which aims only to their survival and well-being, summed up in the Latin saying Man is a wolf (“every man is a wolf to man”). The philosopher Hobbes descrive la natura umana come sostanzialmente competitiva ed egoista ed esemplifica la life in società con la frase War of all against all (“about war di tutti contro tutti” ). Per Hobbes l’uomo è degenerato ed egoista per natura e solo con la politica e legge può be tenuto a bada il lupo interiore dell’uomo.

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