Image of the sea. The sea is freedom and courage.

The man and the sea

Always the sea, uomo free, You shall love!
because the sea is your mirror; you contemplate
nell’infinity unfolding wave
l’soul you to, and a gulf is your spirit
no less bitter. Enjoy the dive
in the bosom of your image; the hugs
with eyes and arms, and sometimes the heart
It is distracting you from your sound to the sound of this
wild and untamed moan.
Discrete and both are dark:
uomo, no one has ever explored the bottom
of your depth; no one knew,
great, your inmost riches,
you are so jealous of all your
secret. But for centuries infinite
without remorse or mercy struggle
fra may, so great is your love
for the massacre and the death, or wrestlers
eternal, or implacable brothers!
(L’uomo and the sea, Baudelaire)

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