Mongrel dog

First of all because they are generally the mongrel dogs. The mongrel dogs (bastards) They are smarter.
not only, proprio perché la birth di un cane meticcio è frutto del case, they, are not subjected to genetic selection that, in some cases, tendono ad esaltarne la beauty a scapito però del vigore fisico e dell’intelligenza. So they are smarter, healthier and stronger.
Ogni cane meticcio è un world a sé: are not standardized from the point of view character that from the physical.
In fondo, They will always be aware that you have them saved, e per questo vi vorranno più fine.
Campano more. Sono meno soggetti a malattie ereditarie o tipiche di alcune races (see malignancies in German Shepherds).

Dogs for sale sooner or later you will find a master, mentre i cani meticci rischiano di be soppressi.
not least, you can save money.

So no more pensatici, although looking, who you served.

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