It is one of the many Saturdays.
“What do we do tonight?”
“let's go to the disco.”
“Non lo so, I do not want; the same things.”
“Have we all. Then there's that girl.”
“Yes it is cute, but it's not really my type.”
“Oh well we are there at midnight.”
“Ok, I did not expect, I think about it; If I decide to come at midnight they are there.”

what do I do: I go or not go?

Well ... I always seem all so scontantata, impersonal, boring. I can not even talk to the loud music.

Maybe I should adjust me, I should think (on the contrary, do not think) as many. The next morning I had to leave evaluated search. Where will?
Understanding is suffering. Too much! I can not bear it.
To indulge, obsessively seek material goods, I could try ...
I have my head explodes. Doubts, few certainties, only old Masters to follow.
And if they had it all wrong? Se l’uomo should only seek pleasure, the success, the power.
Maybe I should go to the disco, not thinking and then there's always that girl.

Hours 7.30.
I open an old and dusty precious gift. Start reading:

"I felt strange impression in me, staying
vicino a Socrates in quel momento: I felt no compassion,
though they were witnessing to death of an friend, Why,
both in words both in the way of, he seemed happy; is, on the contrary, He died
in a manner so fearless and noble, to give the impression of someone who,
andandosene all’Ade, It does not go without the divine will, is that, come hither,
He would live happy, why someone lived’ other. "

... A shiver up my back ...

The Phaedo Plato. I can not stop reading ... I raise my head are 23.30. now it's late, Vasco would say ...

we talk about Friendship, of Love
, courage, virtue, search the righteous: tonight are truly in the place where I wanted be.

I remember, although they are very far from what we want, I can not leave Plato::

"Indeed, the body gives us countless concerns need nourishment; and then diseases, when they crash down, we prevent search dell’be. Also, it fills us with passions, fears, ghosts of all kinds and many vanity, so that, as they say, really, his fault, there is not even possible to think safely anything. Indeed, war, riots and battles are not produced from nothing but from the body and its passions. All wars arise for lust for riches and the riches we have to need procacciarle because of the body, because we are enslaved by the care of the body. "

Perhaps we have lost sight of something.We're forgetting a part of us: l’soul.
I do not know define the word “anima”, but find me a word that can replace and will replace.
We meat, bones, wishes and passions, but also soul. The life it is harmony, harmony body and soul. One does not exclude the other. Both should be fed.
So while I am here today in search of a cure for ' soul, Tomorrow I'll be somewhere trying to meet a need of the body (for example Monday I go to work) but, while with time the body can only wear down, our spirit It can also raise.

No need to believe in life everlasting: l’Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise are here with us.
Dante himself has crossed them life, Comedy is a path life, an inner struggle, a growth spiritual that brings him to the elevation of the soul.

"In heaven which most his light was’ I" (Dante Paradiso, Canto I)
He can not motivate the intellect, he himself says, but claims to have seen the divine light. What did he mean?

I can believe or not Dante, I can believe in It Gave o no, the ma faith of others it is difficult to understand.

Maybe we are too arrogant to believe: although we can not explain everything today, we could do it tomorrow. Why believe? It is foolish. There is no evidence.
And that matters?

05/05/2007 A Saturday night special: a journey soul. last edit: Monday,en,14 May 19:46, 2007 the nabladue

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