"I read Gospel, I admired gestures Socrates: belle ideas, belle actions, but they are very far away from 'uomo. I Masters Spiritual depart from a principle that is not adaptable to the human species: that morality coincides with the knowledge, that is, if you know that something is wrong I will not. In reality it is not so: l’uomo It is more complex. The body we, we must feed ourselves, We vices, passions: we are imperfect '.

"I understand your objection, friend, I often found myself thinking this way. Jesus was God come down to earth; Socrates, Plato, DanteThey were illuminated by the divine light. They accomplished works that will remain eternal, new MA, we are mere mortals: men who do not want to give up land to give pleasure to the body, ad be admired, to have the power, money".

"So the message of Masters spiritual is just a dream or shelter for those without anything? ".

"A shelter for those who suffer it is safe. But it is also a shelter for those who do not want to hurt".

"If we could never put into practice what we ask, it would not be better to follow a philosophy more within our reach?".

"We Could, in reality we are forced to do so.
I want to give you an example. You know the famous story of the donkey and the carrot, no? "

"Yup, Why?".

"You know that donkeys are very stubborn, lazy and conceited.
The peasant league to make them move at their head a stick with a carrot hanging by a thread, making fall before their eyes, without that these can bite it. Donkeys, seeing the carrot in front of them will begin to move trying to take it. They do not really ever reach, but this keeps them going, progress, con l’illusion to be able to reach and take. Now even those who have not come to the end, They have always been part of the way more, than those who did not have the carrot ".

"I understand what you mean: we can never be come Jesus, but we tend to lui.Il message Jesus It is our carrot ".

"We tend to Jesus is, even if we do not ever reach, This does not mean that we should abandon.
But l 'uomo, while being stubborn as a donkey, something extra: the free will. L’uomo is the farmer himself. So you can also decide to ignore the carrot. You can choose to follow the carrot to get further away or stop at the first village he meets eat caviar. "

"So at this point: because if we caviar we must be satisfied to follow the carrot?".

"Just to move, to advance, progress. The only growth is the inner:
you can decide whether to stay in the valley, or climb the mountain. If you stop in the middle or try to get to the top. At this point I would introduce the hope of a life ultraterrena: reincarnation or heaven. it is not necessary. Spiritual growth makes it better this life. We must not add anything. Then, as I always say it's just a speech faith and it depends only on ourselves.
The important thing is to stay in the various countries, never losing sight of all that the real growth is the spiritual, vera wealth It is the soul.
This does not necessarily mean becoming ascetics or give up job and family; it just means that we must seek the virtue and inner growth. You have to do it every day, also fighting against themselves. Often we do not succeed, but that does not mean we have to subscribe to this search or that we should let ourselves be discouraged by those who are always ready to point the finger at us'.

"Of course if I will dedicate my whole self to search of material goods, I think that spiritual growth is difficult, no?"
"I'm afraid so. But it is also true that if I were poor, to eat, and to feed my family I would be forced to steal and to do male".
"And if I decide to give up sex, but I was obsessed with it would be better to look for? ".
"Following the same reasoning, I think so".
"So what is the right fit to follow? ".
"It 's the right fit, that is, one that goes fine for us. So you have to try to go further, but at the same time try to figure out how far we can go".
"You were about to make me believe that I wanted to become a asceta".
«No, at least not now: They are young! the same Sant'Agostino has said: "Lord make me chaste, but not right now "».
« Nabla for you It is too well Sant'Agostino, I see you more as Oscar Wilde: "I can resist everything except temptation. '".
"thanks for the confidence, friend! So I answer you with Oscar Wilde : "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it." '.
"Let's be serious, Nabla. Then explain why we must resist the pleasures of the body? What is the point? "
"Nobody, It depends only on you if you want be more carnal or more spiritual. I give you an example: why not go to bed with every woman you meet?"
"Why, not all of us are ".
"I understand, as wrong ".
"No, the example is right, I understand what you mean. If you concen- only on their body, I could not see their soul".
"But I really have to choose between soul and body?".
«No, l’love It is the only thing that can satisfy both of them".
"But I also like the passion, what upsets you, one beginning in the morning and ends in the evening ".
"Vivitela, but do not forget to also search the 'soul".
"you start, I expect invent the detector souls ".
"You're incorrigible".
"the thing is: how can I look for what I do not know?".
"What matters is not finding, but try ".
"Yes, but if you do not know what I have to try".
"it does not matter, your hand ".
"I do not understand you".
"At least I have a little confused '?".
"Both '.
"So we are on track".

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