Marco: "Why do some people think that the life is a gift and others see it as a prison?".
Nabla: «Expenses but about life He would like to extend it to 'infinity. In religions monotheistic, the substratum of everything is a it gave everlasting, infinity, ed – in some cases – creator and judge of humanity. He can donate eternity. This is an optimistic view of life, in the sense that it allows to 'uomo to overcome the existential drama of death in a positive manner. On the opposite bank, materialists pessimists fail to project themselves in a world that goes beyond the natural. We are talking about very sensitive personality, who understand and live the drama of existence in the dust, ma non anelano all’immortalità nello spirit. For these, true liberation is not to belong to world of biological existence. The life dell’uomo It is a prison: a be intelligent and conscious living on a universe totally material can only suffer ".

Marco: "Do not you think that the world will be divided into those who believe in nothing, and those who believe in 'Infinity?".
Nabla: «Non so, perhaps as a distinction it is a bit 'simplistic. The contrasts are not so sharp. I would put it this way: Infinity and Nothing are two sides of ,same entities'.
Marco: "really, what do you say! How can be?".

Nabla: "If you think about it fine Nothing can accommodate only the 'Infinity. The latter was often represented with the one (metaphysical), which is not numeric entity, but it is what it all contains. All is one, recite some philosophies of ancient origin. In words less enigmatic, It is to grasp the substantial unity of 'universe material and immaterial, known and unknown, mental and spiritual in the fullness of 'Be infinity. Anything this Everything in it is connected to the rest. The whole complex comprises of special events and what is not obvious. Lo Zero (0), instead, Nothing represents the. The zero has a metaphysical properties in common with the mathematical zero. in particular, the mathematical one is not absent, as many mistakenly think. It represents the presence of an absence. Something that is, but at the same time Is absent. The paradoxical presence of absence is aware of the turmoil in Leopardi life dell’uomo. This state of existence is the result of the anguish that comes in 'uomo which has lost It Gave.

While the One is the Infinity in its concreteness, Zero gives life the "dream of an'shadowʱ??. It's not a case that zero arithmetic was never discovered by Philosophy Greek, would have terrorized. The spirit greco apollineo è l’anti-zero. The zero as a number was introduced by the Indian mathematician Brahmagupta in the seventh century AD.

It wonder it has been a relatively recent discovery of math. If we think that the Greek mathematicians were already playing with the infinite without problems, we can assume that for acceptance of zero requires a different philosophical awareness: It is the acceptance of anything as presence of absence. Moreover, try to think of the two concepts, which it seems most difficult to represent in mind?".

Marco: "I can imagine the infinite sum of finite quantities continues. I think of a universe that never ends: more surplus with my imaginary spaceship and more it expands. Certainly nothing is more difficult to represent: I can not, mine mind It must still have some object to reference ".
Nabla: "Exactly, this is precisely the difficulty. Tornandoalla opposed One / Zero, it has been revealed openly in philosophy from the comparison between the philosophy Buddhist and Neo-Platonism (on which it came to Catholic theology and Christian). In a surprising way, they start from the same considerations. The endless spiral of wishes, the inescapable fact of consciousness (which it is substantially recognition of death and suffering), the contrast between the world illusory and the real, between the nature of men and women, between the spirituality and attachment to nature in life Biological. Only religious conversion, the exit of the cave, the awakening and the abandonment of nature can lead to the overcoming of human suffering. From this point onwards, the paths diverge and go in opposite directions. In the Platonism world real is divine, the metaphysical one that embraces all. In Buddhism the unit is given
right from Nothing. Liberation is lost in Nothing. Nirvana is nothing more than a 'experience mystique that leads to the realization of the emptiness of all aggregates (Dharma) at all. The Source is nothingness. On the opposite bank, nel Platonism, Everything is the fullness and infinite. Nowhere it is filled by All. actually Buddha She has just designed the 'Be in another form.
Another way of see Buddhist nirvana is just the achievement of the mental state of which we spoke earlier: no object and no connection must be this in mind".

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