Marco: "One of my friend Buddhistic He argues that we can get into a state where we are completely free from suffering. He states that, reaching control full of mind, we are freed from all connection. This is achieved with practice indicated in the Buddhist scriptures ".

Nabla: «In truth, in our world there is never "the cessation of suffering". Can exist, however, the attenuation of suffering. The mind should be made stronger, we can and must become the masters, but there are aspects of life that we do not have the ability to control. Mental suffering can never completely eliminate. Although we were able to eliminate it, It would be the threat of physical. There is no complete liberation from world outer, there is a different way live, However, men always attached to our social and natural remain. If we close our eyes to this, karma hits us with a blow that comes from outside. The world not just in our heads, It is both mind and out. Only those who see the world enclosed in the mental phenomenon, can think of to completely free themselves from suffering with the control of mind. It is important to understand that the price should not be to live in a state of mental coma. The major difference between a stone and the 'uomo, is the mind itself. Become stones it is certainly not the solution. the same Buddha It has been far from static and stones, without thinking, there would be Buddhism. It is not the Buddha who taught to close our eyes to world, are some of the idealistic interpretations Buddhism who misrepresented the teaching of maestro. The problem of the current idealistic Buddhism is that they reduce the world a mind itself, without taking account of the exterior. We are explorers of ourselves and of the world: it does not exhaust the universe, nor interiority, is both, It is in both. Not escape from life: It is in the life same that you have to cross the world in and out of us ".

Marco: "Then why should we try to control the mind if there can be a complete emancipation?".

Nabla: ʱ??The mind is not you, but it is your instrument
like the same five senses.
You can use it and you can, at your leisure,
transcend the instant when you do not think.
Sovereign mind and you, petty slave,
ti sottometti a lei, until it disappears.
Cradled in this indolent attitude,
the mind keeps you from reacting.
You're just a shadow and follow your master
He usurped the throne of success.
Lei banchetta da te, his host
ignorant and subservient to his wishes.
Floats on life as the lotus
and, induce your mind to disappear,
leaving an empty space inside you
permeated by becoming your new.
Please make a step towards the Absolute,
do not get to use and make it passive.
Calms the mind and uncover lost
Sea that it never touches the shore. "
(Sutra Indians)

We are often slaves to our mind, we rarely dominate fully. We let ourselves be carried away by the vagaries of the mind as a carriage that is pulled by horses without charioteer. We can never separate reality and mind, conscious and unconscious: our existence is exhausted in a vague and confused stream of consciousness; our "I" is a piece of wood that floats on the waters of the mind in storm. However, an overwhelming mental flow can burn the existence. It is important to note that we are not our mind, ma è lei che appartiene a noi. If you take the upper hand, rather than be source life, it becomes a parasite that absorbs all our energies. Instead, if you can make the mind like the surface of a lake without ripples, then we could benefit from it, without identifying with it or follow it as slave. It should be the sailor who helps us to unravel the knots of life, ma se i thoughts flock as hordes of insects, how can we choose? How can we live? so:

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