Marco: "There are many people who do not like the philosophy, indeed they say that they should stop philosophizing. What would you say?".
Nabla: "If by philosophy mean that know purely speculative and theoretical, then, although I can not deny that it is fascinating, I understand why ordinary people do not like this type of activity.
I Philosophy Westerners are overly idealistic, in the sense that reduce the philosophy ed, in some cases the life itself, the very thought. This view is certainly debatable. The philosophy is, indeed, love for the know. The philosopher it's a uomo in love with knowledge: his thirst for understanding how the world It is insatiable. Philosophy They are those who are never content to know something: They want to dig deep, come to understand the substance of things, the reason why.
They are driven by an inner voice to look inside the enclosure shallow Event. They do not know everything, but this is their own luck: if they were they would not be victims of an omniscient love eternal and an unquenchable thirst.

Today we are accustomed to thinking that philosopher It equals "talking book to keep on the shelf gathering dust, given that it does not anything useful ". Well the philosophy not only in academic centers,
in print or in the dialogues more abstract. A philosopher can be that even if the faces life philosophically, that is, if you consider it as a long journey a search of knowledge. A path which has no goal, goal, that is pure tension towards a know too high, but not for this unnecessary. Not those who think the life, but those who live thinking is a lover know.
The first runs from life, the second sees it as an instrument of knowledge. In Oriente, for example, as a philosophy It can be based on abstract speculations of very high, It is considered useless if not accompanied by a "practice". The peaks of thought should still go down to the valley life Concrete, they can not isolate themselves in an imaginary world of ideas divorced from world tangible and
live daily.

Philosophy East and West had the same goal when born: free the individual from 'illusion. the society, connections that necessarily establish with the world when we start to belong to it, the distorted image we have of ourselves and of life obscure our true nature. Often we do not accept and we use the intoxication of wine to make life less painful. Instead, partendo dalle Applications of philosophy we can better understand who we are and where we are. We can have a better understanding of our existential dimension. In tal modo, we will be able to treat the discomforts arising from unsolvable because of the existence. Paradoxically, anche se non riusciremo mai a rispondere esaustivamente a queste Applications insolubili, già il cercare le risposte è un’efficace terapia contro la malattia che le Applications stesse avevano scatenato.
In summary, we must revive the philosophy which it was synonymous with freedom, that helped the 'uomo to know himself, that enabled him to evaluate his own thought, that drove him to break free from the shackles of society and common sense. When you say that philosophy non serve a anything because it saved us, You try to tell him that although philosophy He has not saved world, It is a good start to improve themselves and, improve themselves, It is a good start to improve world".

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