The desire è uno dei problemi centrali dell’uomo. Egli sirende conto che la sua natura è quella di un be che vuole, that want, gate, but, Conversely, as well as joy is born of desire dall'appagamento, comes the pain out of frustration that aspiration is not met.

One can safely say that all great religions e le filosofie hanno fatto i conti con questo temibile e possente be. Let's start with us, the common people. The old metaphor of the pot washing incisively expresses the essence of desire as blind thrust omnidirectional. The ancients tell us that the flow of desire It is like a jet of water that passes through a washing vessel. If we take a pot hole and begin to pour water, we will never fill the jar, while maintaining a continuous flow of liquid. This is our wishes: either already they entered and are ready to go out to make room for other more impetuous desires and unattainable. Today we realized how much this is true. In our age live rich people who can buy pretty much what they want. They have hailed, famous, admired by many people, yet they are restless and unhappy. Not only they can consume enormous assets, ma questo non li rende per anything happy, on the contrary, He throws them further into despair.
This attitude, who believes that it can fully satisfy the human interiority by feeding only with material goods, riponendo la happiness nelle mani della satisfaction of desire, I call it incontinence. On the other side, some have dealt with the impulse of blind craving and never fully appagabile in a front. Essi ci dicono che il desiderio è la fonte di tutti i mali dell’uomo. The only way to save is to get rid of will: "When you want to leave, the joy is, "reads a Buddhist aphorism. Non desiderare anything, It can not suffer. Non amare la life, porta a non disprezzare neanche la death. This attitude, which tends to counteract any form of desire call it repression.

We start by saying that the two approaches above are children of the same parents: paura della death e rapporto malato con il desiderare. In general behaviors extremes meet ever. The desire can not be. there is not uomo senza desideri. It is certainly true that we are often victims of the desires and impulses. In some circumstances, something which we have not fully aware, ci spinge ad act come bruti. It is equally true that some drives are necessary and natural, e non c’è anything of male nel volerle soddisfare. The error is exaggeration in both directions. In short, per quanto il desiderio debba indubbiamente be diminuito non potrà mai be annullato: I can make the water flow in the vessel more slowly, but I will never eliminate it altogether. To make an analogy, This is the classic speech conformist and dell'anticonformista. The Conformist adapts to everything the company offers, independently
from his personal ratings. The maverick is opposed to everything the company offers, regardless of their personal assessments. Both are slaves to society because they can not choose freely. Thus the incontinent suit (or at least attempt to) fulfill all the desires regardless of their nature. The repressed attempts to ignore all the desires (regardless of their nature).

Both are slaves of desire: il primo dedica la life alla soddisfazione dei desideri, the second the dedication to fight the desires. Feel, instead, those who have unjustly accused of materialism and hedonism what he says about it:

"Of you desire some are natural and necessary, other natural and unnecessary, others neither natural nor necessary, but born only from vain opinion. " (Epicurus).

The desires are not all equal. Possiamo catalogarli in base alla need ed alla serenità che possono procurarci. Natural desires are necessary and what could be described as needs – for example – eat, his, have a roof to sleep, relate with other people, amare, have friends. Importantly, eating and drinking do not intend Magyar refined and drinking wine. eat and drink
significa prendere quello che è necessario per live o poco più. These desires entirely meet, because, It is natural and necessary, non sono “inganni della mind” e possono be completamente appagati. The problem arises when we are not satisfied and we become insatiable eaters who consider the food only a pleasure, and not something sacred. We should give thanks always to have enough food, never take it for granted, even if we are millionaires.

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