Marco: "I think that our society has created the largest source of mental drug that has ever existed. Substances are distributed worldwide, in prepackaged formats and international. Consumers are increasingly in a state of chronic addiction. What matters most to them, is not living, but distracted: find something that makes you think, which allows to remain unconscious. Of ways to get drunk and liabilities of indolence there are plenty: spend afternoons and evenings drinking in pubs (see Anglo-Saxon countries), days remain before a screen on screaming and chattering to anything, shopping unnecessary, lost in vain and empty talk. In other cases, about life It is experienced in function of the evening or the summer holiday, while we forget to live day by day, dando value al singolo momento. The same television, that could be a great tool knowledge, and in part it is definitely,
It is most frequently used for to feed the "people" of the pills stun.
I'm not one of those who sees the ages of the past as earthly paradises, and I think the burden of mental drugs has always existed. I do not quite understand the cause
of this disease ".

Nabla: "The mind without control It is full of fears and anxieties. The trade uses two terrible demons for 'uomo: the terror of boredom and the 'dissatisfaction inscribed in the code of human nature. If there was no boredom, many so-called "entertainment" would have no meaning to exist. The problem is that boredom is an inner state. It is certainly also linked to external circumstances, however, it depends primarily on the psychological and mental condition of the individual. There are people who can meet a high number wishes and cravings, nevertheless it seems they are always overwhelmed by the sea of ​​boredom. The attitude of some neurotic, rather than be expression of a vital energy and enthusiasm, in many cases, conceals an escape from 'dissatisfaction and the tedium of life daily. It's actually a vegetating dynamically: the body seems very active, yet l 'soul is indolent apathetic and insensitive. And it is at this point that the mind seeks to fill the inner void by resorting to "narcotic substances" ».
Marco: "Do you think that in this way we can solve the problem?".

Nabla: "Hope old! We can put a Band-Aid to our larger wounds, but if we take care of the really, gangrene and they come back to hit us again and infected more than before. The problem is that we always choose the "blue pill", the live in-authentic. Indeed, for a sense of rebellion against nature and against our own essence, instead of accepting the life for what it is, flee to drink water of forgetfulness and of 'illusion. But the escape has a price to pay: l’inconsapevolezza. This defense mechanism leads us not
truly live and suffer without even realizing. This is the veil of Maya: l’inconsapevolezza, escape from reality and from ourselves. The fear comes from ignorance of
understand who we are, to understand our own existence.
And so in order not to know ourselves we are willing to do and say everything. We always prefer to deceive or ensconce comfortable certainties illusory. In tal modo, let's add suffering upon suffering, because our vision of the world not authentic ".

Marco: "At this point I wonder if there's a way to break free from these chains oppressive".
Nabla: "Fortunately, there is always a possibility of healing for those who are willing to take the" red pill ". The cure is a greek motto inscribed on the temple of the oracle
Delfi: ʱ??know yourselfʱ??. I essays Greeks have understood that 'uomo coincides with his inner self, and thus it made possible a great leap forward in the chain of human evolution.
After, Socrates He will do "know yourself"A cornerstone of his thought, the only stable landing of his cabinet philosophy. From this formula derive two other fundamental aspects of thought Socratic:

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