E’ una bella donna. I lose. I can never look at it for more than a few moments.
Its appeal is so strong that the only way to resist, He had never seen her.
But sia gli uomini che le donne, but not but farsi trovare. Those who see it only once, non può che continuare a cercarla per tutta la life.
It 'always naked, but being a woman chaste and elusive, hides.
Never think that, once found, lei resterà lì. Faithful. Next to us.
It will start to run even faster, longer hide himself cunningly, we confuse maliciously. Per amarla ci vuole courage, commitment, fatigue. It 'been a lover of the doubt, of faith and reason, but no one fully satisfies.
Perhaps only when all decide to love her, agreeing to share, It will be granted final.
A word preferisce l’azione, non but chi parla solo per parlare, nor those who do it to convince. Friend of sacrifice and suffering, only they can whisper where he hides.
Some say it does not exist and those who think they have it all to himself.
Molti combattono per lei: Philosophy, poets, scientists, Mystics his fiercest pursuers.
Ready to fight each other in order to have her charms. Only to be able to observe, from a distance, without disturbing.
His name is Alètheia and, as pointed out by Heidegger, It means "Do not hide".
The truth not only it is not certain, but it is something that is hidden; and it tends to escape. This does not mean that there is but, It is something that escapes, dev’be cercata e inseguita.

There she is. on the left.


With the "Slander", viene recuperato da Botticelli il meaning del periodo classico. In the central part of the painting, the Livore holds the pulse of Slander indifferent drags a poor victim in the presence of the King, flanked by Sopetto and Ignorance. In the same time, Envy and Fraud care Hair Slander.
on the left the truth It is naked, it seems that no one will see it. Only Regret can not ignore.
Add: only the Justice può difenderla.

Her lovers: the reason.

I matematici ed i logici di inizio secolo si sono affannati nella search di un sistema coerente che potesse portare a delle Truth irrefutable and unassailable by rational perspective. With great disappointment, The research led to the conclusion that such a system can not exist. This does not mean it's all garbage: today we enjoy all of the technological innovations that arise from discoveries and scientific truths. Truth with a lowercase v, obtained by applying a rigorous method, boring and tedious, but that leads to reproducible results and foreseeable.
Ma's word chiave della possibilità di applicare le verità scientifiche alla realtà del world is : approximation. The science diventa tecnica l’idealità diventa realtà, about truth approximation of herself. The problem is that scientific truths unique to nature, not human nature.
There are Applications a cui la science non può e non so se potrà mai rispondere.
Non solo la science anche la ragione stessa è limitata, in his attempt to go beyond its borders, it remains trapped:

“La ragione umana viene afflitta da Applications You can not reject, Why
They assigned to it by the nature of reason itself, and which, however, can not
even answer, because they exceed any capacity of reason
Human. (Side)ʱ??

Whole philosophy kantiana è racchiusa in queste poche words. Establish the tribunal of reason to try to investigate his actions, to highlight the illegal operations, but also to try to push it to the edge of its capabilities.

The faith

In un’ interesting interview 1988, Adorno confronta la word greca con quella latina Veritas, che ha tutt’altro meaning all’origine: It derives from faith.
"In our field Latin, veritas is a term that comes from the Balkan area and the Slavic area, and it means anything but the truth. It means, in origine, “faith”; faith in meaning più ampio della word, tant’è vero che in russo ad esempio vara vuol dire faith.ʱ??
A word due significati molto lontani. Infatti mentre nel case greco il concetto stesso di verità implica incertezza e search, in case latino la truth diventa certezza e value da difendere.
The Veritas It involves the loss of a basic element: Logos. Dialogue loses importance: each stain to your own truth and, who embraces the faith, who is against, the fights.
The comparison does not aim to find a truth, but to give precedence to one over the other Truth.
The uncritical belief is unwise and inappropriate.
We have already seen that the word began as a distortion of thought. The word is passed down distortion of the distortion of thought. The written word is distortion of the distortion of the distortion of thought. And the interpretation? translation?
And the ambiguity of the code? Aporias message?
Faith yes, but only for the last step. Far Can We Go, we walk with our legs. Everyone is responsible for his actions, non ripariamo i nostri bad comportamenti dietro lo scudo della fede. But il prossimo tuo come te stesso. Enough. It needs to add?
Maybe But te stesso, because today it is not so obvious. So one faith, a single word, un solo It Gave: Love. All the rest is interest grounds. (Easy da say, almost impossible to achieve).

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