I came across in reading a wonderful book, full of interesting ideas. The author of an intelligence out of the ordinary is the professor logic Piergiorgio Odifreddi. He is just mind, brain. We could call it jokingly as Plato he had named Aristotle (he preferred the study and solitary contemplation dialogue Academy) : Us, which means intellect.
This book is so beautiful it's full of truth, that already the first 3-4 pages are illuminating, changes your life, make they hope for a world best, in salvation: the new Messiah came to earth.

"Even, the same word idiot comes from cristiano (through the French Cretin, the Chrétien), self attested in the Encyclopedia 1754:according Pianigini, "Because individuals such as these were considered as simple and innocent people, or because, what are stupid and foolish, seem absorbed in the contemplation of heavenly things "..." After, about criticism to the Christianity It could therefore be reduced to this: that being a religion for literal idiots, It does not fit to those who, perhaps for their misfortune, They are doomed to not be ".
(Why can not we be Christians – Piergiorgio Odifreddi)

Then they are stupid because instead of looking at the things they have here, on earth, right under the eyes are dedicated to higher things.
I came to mind a striking passage of the Theaetetus, in which Plato narrates an event that happened to one of the first scientists (which in those days they were called "Philosophy of nature"):

"As well as Thales It is told, Teodoro, while he sought the stars and looking up, He fell into the well: and a servant of Thrace, smart and pretty, teasing him that he wanted to know the celestial phenomena, but let out those he had in front of him and under his feet. "

I do not mean that "celestial phenomena" and "heavenly things" have the same meaning the two fragments, carry the analogy only spirit uncritical, to show how the words jam and we fit together in disquisitions that, sometimes, They have no value if not purely rhetorical.

The Nous continues by stating that the success of Christianity It is motivated by the fact that half the world's population has a 'below average intelligence, and "therefore it is in the provision of spirit adapts to this and other beatitudes ".
Odifreddi divides the world in two sets: intelligent and stupid. The set of Christians It is a subset of that of the idiots. The set of intelligent, obviously, coincides with the set of Logical.
If someone could find mistakes "logical" in the texts of Piergiorgio Odifreddi, the mathematician impertinent(come but to be called) would come deservedly among the idiots, given that his theories, the bugs would logically. This demonstration has already been completed, point out the link for those who wish to learn.

Demonstration logical error of Odifreddi

Not really need be Logical to understand what blunder committed Piergiorgio Odifreddi. After giving the cretins Christians Odifreddi continues:

“Tale criticism, passing, also explain in part to luck Christianity: Why, as shown by the statistics, half the world's population has lower than average intelligence(on), and it is therefore in the provision of spirit adapts to this and other beatitudes ""

The logical fallacy is this: being half and half intelligent people stupid, this could lead logically to argue that "it does not explain the fortune of Christianityʱ??, with the same value of truth with which it is claimed that "explains the luck of Christianityʱ??.
That is if NCretini = NIntelligenti can not explain and explain the fortune of Christianity without that one of the two statements dominating the other.

Odifreddi He says:
If Christian = idiot and if the number of intelligent equals the number of idiots, the Christianity and "other beatitudes" are successful.
But the condition being symmetrical with respect to the two choices, I, I could say the same way:
If an atheist = intelligent and if the number of intelligent equals the number of idiots, Christianity and "other beatitudes" not successful.
This is because I do not have a quality of information that allow me a choice logic determined. The condition according to which should make the choice is symmetrical with respect to the possible choices, then the two decisions are equivalent.

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