Fall, lift, fall and rise, and then fall and rise again. Do the impossible, and then lost for nothing. Thinking to succeed: shape the negative emotions and turn them into vases filled with enthusiasm. Try to throw out the window all the frustrations, replacing them with images full of wonder. Get to color the pale days with a bright smile. and then, fall again.
Thinking to succeed, thinking that this time is different (but why should?).
Fight, fight until the end of his strength, up to scrape the bottom of their ability.
Move on. With positivity. Enthusiasm. Even if the world It seems to turn against us: We keep running, Without looking back; go on.
hopes disappointed, loves broken, joys denied. May. Never stop.
never stop loving.
Never give up hope.
Never stop suffering.
If fortune is adverse, la saliva amara, the stormy sea and fellow crazy and scared, What are we left?
We pass under the wave and go up to the surface, There is always sunshine expected.

Fall last edit: Saturday,17 January 15:40, 2009 the nabladue

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