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  1. Aah, passion, torna da me! – Sheila

Aah, passion, torna da me!

Inclinò la testa e la voglia di travel con il pensiero persuase il corpo e la mind del vecchio. Mentre sprofondava dolcemente nell’incanto dei suoi thoughts, He was heard coming from a young body and a vigorous voice fragile and delicate: "Thought, emotion, life e poi di nuovo emozione, music and then again emotion, words e poi… di nuovo… di nuovo…. Sono stanco” – continuò la fragilità con in se racchiusa la life.

Intensity, force che fa battere le ali del cuore che sembra uscire dalla propria gabbia. The heart does not know why, not even want to know why, where and how to sway with his flapping. Force dell’be human, ability to sense and feel, sensazioni intuite ma non comprese che vanno oltre l’infinity.

“Queste wordsʱ?? – disse l’uomo vecchio – “mi raccontano di te, of what you are! I do not go over, I understand, e non mi interessa se la tua force si basa sulla tua ingenuità o sull’essenza della life che gironzola vivacemente tra le tue vene” – e poi continua a mormorare tra le fauci ardenti al limite – “if I had known, ha if I had known ...”

Aah, passion, torna da me, hug me, I fear my weakness, Take me in your arms and let me suck the way that potion turbulent passion ruthless invading loudly, soul, heart, mind. There only hands tremble, eyes shine, the weight of your body does not feel, like floating in the air and waving light. Aah, passione meravigliosa che mi sbatti senza pietà di fronte a ciò che non percepisce nemmeno l’shadow della passione. I choose consciously the risk of going against, and I do not want, ma proprio non voglio return back, quell'esplorare powers of emotional compromise me, I was bewitched, I can not do without, I can not recite, voglio solo cantare sentendo le vibrazioni della mia soul, contempt profoundly useless, contempt to the core recitation of the useless. And I also unconsciously hugged devious goals dictated and subconsciously taxes!!! Aah, passion, love me, non odiarmi, I abandon myself like a child in the cradle, voglio sentire il power da te emanato e in me racchiuso . ..

Non so write, I feel total ignorant, a dictionary with poor and limited. Mine soul si sente in gabbia, I share the screams wonderful enclosed inside each one of us.
I mean by "passion" also gladly absorb the rays of the spring sun with the blood flowing in the veins with fury and speed of gear lever and season. I live the, I hear them and I suffer with pleasure, a’ emotion sometimes tortuous ... but maybe right.
The limit is rightly, by balance, I think.
Good day and excuse me if I had the presumption to share my thoughts lame !!!


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