One scorpio She had to cross the river; so not knowing how to swim, he sought help from a rana:
– “please, let me get on your back and bring me on the other side”
The rana He answered: – “I was crazy! So we are just in the water and I sting you kill me!!!”
“Why would I do that” He urged the scorpion, “If I sting you die and I drown!” – He replied the scorpion.
The rana stette un attimo a pensare, convintasi and meaningfulness of objection Scorpion, He loaded him on the back and came together in water.
A metà del tragitto la rana sentì un dolore intenso provenire dalla schiena, and he realized be stung by the scorpion.
Mentre entrambi stavano per morire la rana chiese all’insano ospite il perché del folle gesto:
– “Because I'm a scorpion?” – he said - “It's my nature!” .

This short story entitled “The frog and the scorpion” It depicts the absurdity of the actions of men who have no ability to control on their character.
There are people who, just to follow their own convictions “Natural”, They can destroy others and to self-destruct.

Follow their nature is not an error in the absolute sense, but follow it although it may lead to the annihilation of ourselves and annihilation of other people is not from men. This behavior is more suitable for animals that know just follow your instinct. The actions of men often do not seem to have elevated above mere logic istintuale.

The only difference between the’uomo and the animal is that the animal is justified in his blind obedience instinctual, l’uomo It has a duty to be something more.
The back of the frog, where the scorpion must “climb” to save, It represents the possibility of’evolution spiritual. If he can tame the animal evil inside him, l’uomo You will cross the river and leave all the weights that bind him to the bass and uncontrolled instincts. And yet, once you climbed on the raft of’evolution, about to get on the other side, the pride and the’love to old habits is stronger awareness of the error. Now you leg of his situation but, not knowing abandon the usual life animalesca, He decides to commit suicide and also brings with it the frog (that is, its maestro interior or exterior which is) who had given him the opportunity to save.

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