The races there are the invented, we have taken seriously for centuries, but now we know enough to let them lose.
Guido Barbujani, 2006.

All relatives, all different

Non c’è mai stato un inizio della history, but stories before other stories. Human diversity is not due to biological characteristics or cognitive established, but it is the product of many stories quotas which are still ongoing.
More than "human beings", it would be better if we defined "human divenienti". If the origin of Homo sapiens is so recent, unique African, and then if our young species has been so mobile, significa che non c’è stato il time sufficiente per separare le popolazioni umane in “razze” geneticamente distinguibili. The human genetic variation is very low and is distributed continuously. Il duplice messaggio di questa history è la forte unità biologica e al contempo la straordinaria diversità culturale interna alla specie umana. After the age of the great exodus, Today we live an age of biological and cultural mixing on the one hand and the other conflicts and uniformazioni. We do not know how to evolve our species because the future depends on us. But we know that the "civilization" are not monolithic blocks, resemble rather organisms in transformation, ricchi di differenze interne e interdipendenti sia nel time sia nello spazio. The roots of these plastic systems of cultures and peoples are intertwined. Il tema dell’unità nella diversità può be letto a più livelli, from primary emotions languages, by physical traits cultures. Da quei passi incerti nel tufo di Laetoli alla camminata dell’uomo sulla Luna, we have come a long way!


The human races do not exist last edit: Wednesday,1 February 12:24, 2012 the Nabladue

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