Appena giunto in paradiso Pictor si trovò dinnanzi ad un tree che era insieme uomo e donna. Pictor salutò l’tree con riverenza e chiese: “Sei tu l’tree of life?”. but when, invece dell’tree, He would answer the snake, He turned and walked over. Was all eyes, everything he loved. Sentiva chiaramente di trovarsi nella patria e alla fonte della life.
E di nuovo vide un tree, that was both sun and moon. Pictor churches: “Sei tu l’albero della life?”.
The sun smiled and nodded. Wonderful flowers looking at him, with a multitude of colors and bright smiles, with a multitude of eyes and faces. Some nodded and laughed, others nodded and smiled: ebbri tacevano, in themselves they were lost, in their scent mingled. A flower sang the song of lilac, a flower sang the lullaby deep blue. One of flowers had big blue eyes, un altro gli ricordava il primo love. One had the fragrance of the garden of childhood, her sweet scent sounded like the voice of the mother. another, laughing, She reached for him his red tongue curve. He will licked, had a strong flavor and wild, as of resin and honey, but also as a woman's kiss.

Among all these flowers was Pictor, full of longing and joy restless. His heart, almost like a bell, pounding, He is beating so; his desire ardeva verso l’ignoto, towards magically prefigured.
Pictor saw a bird resting on the grass and bright colors cloaked, the beautiful bird of all colors seemed equipped. He asked the beautiful bird colorful: “Bird, dove è dunque la happiness?”.
“The happiness?” He said the beautiful bird and laughed with his golden beak, “about happiness, friend, It is everywhere, the mountains and valleys, in flowers and crystals”.
Con queste words l’uccello spensierato scosse le sue piume, craned, He wagged his tail, He squinted, He laughed one last time and then sat motionless, still sitting in the grass, and here: the bird had become a colorful flower, feathers had turned into leaves, nails roots. In the glory of colors, dance and splendors, the bird had grown plant. Pictor vide questo con wonder.
And now the flower-bird began to move its leaves and pistils, già era stanco del suo be fiore, already he had more roots, scuotendosi a po’ He rose up slowly and it was a beautiful butterfly, that rocked the air, weightless, full of soft light, shining in the face. Pictor spalancò gli occhi dalla wonder.
But the new butterfly, the cheerful colorful butterfly-flower-bird, the bright colorful face flew around stunned Pictor, She glistened in the sun, dismounted light as a snowflake, He sat near the foot of Pictor, He breathed softly, trembled a little with wings shining, and here, He turned into a colored glass, from which it is radiating a red light. Fantastically he shone between herbs and plants, as bell tolling cheering, the red gemstone. But his homeland, the depth of the earth, It seemed to call; immediately he began to shrink and threatened to disappear. Then Pictor, driven by an irrepressible yearning, reached for the stone that was fading in he pulled her. Entranced, immersed in his eyes light magic, that appeared in the heart irraggiargli presentiment of full bliss.
Suddenly, crawling on the branch of a tree dried, the snake hissed in his ear:” The stone turns you into what you want. Soon, dille il tuo desire, before it's too late!”.

Pictor si spaventò e temette di see svanire la sua fortuna. Rapido disse la word e si trasformò in un albero. Giacché più di una volta aveva desiderato be tree, because the trees looked so peaceful, of force and of dignity.
Pictor became tree. He penetrated with roots in the ground, He stretched upward, leaves and branches sprouted from his limbs. He was very happy. Fiber thirsty sucked in the cool depths of the earth and with its leaves waved high in the blue. Insects living in his zest, at his feet inhabited the hedgehog and the rabbit, in its branches the birds.
The tree Pictor was happy and did not count the years that passed. Passarono molti anni prima che si accorgesse che la sua happiness non era perfetta. Only slowly she learned to look with tree. Finalmente poté see, and it became sad.
In fact he saw around him in paradise largely beings turned very often, indeed everything that flowed in a stream of perennial enchanted transformations. He saw flowers become precious or fly away as dazzling hummingbirds. He saw near him more of a tree suddenly disappear: one was dissolved in source, another had become crocodile, a more fresh and happy swimming, with great enjoyment, like fish darting cheerful, new games in inventing new forms. Elephants took the robe of rocks, giraffes shaped flowers.

Favola d’love – Herman Hesse last edit: Friday,en,30 January 17:17, 2009 the nabladue

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